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"In theory, theory and practice are the same.
In practice, they are not."
Albert Einstein

{write my to-done list each day in 2011 with a calligraphy pen in my orange, unlined 5.5x8.25" Rhodia writing journal}

goal = accomplish 3 things per day

More about drawing practice with a calligraphy pen in a few days.

{spend 20-30 minutes at bed-time trading the pen back and forth with my daughter, doodling}

{photograph faerie houses}

{draw lines}

{photograph textures [like cardboard] that might make good photoshop texture layers [it didn't]}

{write a lot, and doodle}

{make art journal pages}

{sew papers into journals}


♥ it's ♥

♥ all ♥

♥ practice ♥