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Podcast with Ricë #2


manilla folder, airbrush acrylics, fluid acrylics, a spritz of water

To my delight Ricë and I recorded another podcast this week! I'm always so darned nervous at the beginning but hopefully you can't tell. A few weeks ago, I was Ricë's guest on her podcast {click here to read about that and listen to the first podcast}. This time, we discussed "fear of the blank page" and I shared 3 prompts for working on a fresh art journal page, index card or postcard. These are in the style of the Kick-Start Art Journal prompts.

The first prompt was to develop a mind map or brainstorm of places where you find design and pattern inspiration - or simply inspiration. Each person will have a different list. Mine might have more of an emphasis on pattern and other people might have more emphasis on senses or feelings. 

The next prompt suggested working in mixed media choosing just one color as a focus for a journal page. You could actually create a series within a journal, using different colors as a focus, each in a variety of mediums. I've created this look on a small scale, but want to try it again. I'll share when I do!


The third prompt involved lots of dripping of paints. You can see some examples on manilla folders, above.

This was the first attempt at doing some audio kick-start prompts. Please stop back after you listen and let me know how these worked for you. Did any of the prompts help spark a journal page idea or an index card? I'm hoping to do another set of prompts with Ricë' on a future podcast and your feedback will be ultra valuable. Please be kind, I was sooooooo nervous.

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Reader Comments (6)

Oh cool . . . I always save Ricë’s podcasts for that early Saturday morning coffee in bed at the beach - and after a very busy, not-much-art-no-blogging week, what a treat!

I love your concentric circles - circles seem to be very attractive to me right now. Circles and dots.

I love your blog, Tammy! Yours is probably my favorite art journal blog. It was so nice to hear your voice on the podcast! You were wonderful!

07.26.2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlison

I loved listening. As I'm not native to Enlish it went a bit fast at moments, there comes the pause button in handy, as did the 'back slider thingy' to hear what you said once again.

07.27.2012 | Unregistered Commenterdymphie

Just finished listening to both podcasts a few minutes ago, and I loved them both! Your nervousness didn't show at all, and so much great info. I've always loved the idea of play and I've gotten so much better at using my stuff. Most of all, I'm learning what I really love to use the most and the fact that I don't need to have it all to do great pages has finally sunk in! Thanks for being so generous!

07.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaula

Tammy. Nice to put a voice with your face. I enjoyed listening. I thought you did well and had you not told us you were nervous, one might never have known, unless we'd heard you before. I've been folowing your blog for a good while now and am impressed with the neverending supply of ideas and inspiration that you share. Thank you.

07.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJo

I've been thinking of what you both said about people showing only their "pretty" pages and it reminded me of this project:
have you seen it?
it was really interesting to visit some blogs and see works that "failed" or did not turn out "perfect". it was refreshing and actually comforting.
I keep repeating to myself and learning all the time that mistakes do not exist and they're just part of the process.
lots of food for thought in your conversations!

07.31.2012 | Unregistered Commenterdruga szesnascie

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