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    October Garden III

    "Once you realize that the road is the goal
    and that you are always on the road,
    not to reach a goal,
    but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom,
    life ceases to be a task
    and becomes natural and simple,
    in itself an ecstasy."
    ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

     Starting top left: fading crape myrtles, soft senna, a hummingbird photographed while under a flowery umbrella in the rain, fading knock-out roses, faerie house in a red bark japanese maple, mums & mexican sage (i think), purple salvia, purpurea, lavender fall aster, my daughter holding a rose, a tall copper-roofed faerie house. 

    Our early October garden is lush and green, with many of the perennials in full bloom or just beginning to fade. The yellow senna and fall aster are at peak this week. I'm still not used to fall starting late here! At least according to my version of reality, growing up in Pennsylvania. Many of these shots were taken yesterday morning, the girls swam in the chilly pool in the evening while I doodled trying to get some Vitamin D. Today a cold, dark, heavy-cloud sort of rainy day in North Texas.

    I photographed the garden with a Nikon D90 with a 18-105mm Nikkor lens, except shots 1, 3, 8 taken with a Nikkor prime 50mm lens (more about selecting camera gear). We found these enchanting faerie houses a few years ago at the Fort Worth Arts Festival; designed and created by The Faerie House.

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    Great minds think alike and are trying to hold on to summer delights! My post today is full of flowers too! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

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