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No Frills Prompt 38: Exit

 No Frills Prompts are fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable. The photograph itself and the word "EXIT" can be used together or separately. Use the prompt literally, figuratively, professionally or sarcastically.


Write a short story about a time when you had a very narrow escape, a close call, a lucky break just in the nick of time. 

Create an art journal page using birds as the focal point. Sketch birds while sitting on a park bench, from a book, from a window of your house, from a photo you find on flickr. It could be a real bird or a stuffed toy bird, even a necklace. I made two etsy collections of birds for inspiration: here and here

Doodle a favorite quote in BLOCK LETTERS.

Check out the guide to the No Frills Prompts!

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Reader Comments (2)

I just want to thank you for your prompts & ideas! I'm a professional artist but I've just recently discovered art journaling & I love it! It is a beautiful way to keep my creativity fresh & make something regularly that's not for sale. I'll be back to your site often for inspiration!

01.4.2013 | Unregistered CommenterLea

Love the birds in the "Exit" photo :-) Used them as the inspiration for my index card collage. Also inspired by your participation in iHanna's 365in2013 challenge and so perhaps this work will be the first of more to come.... I hope ;-)

01.6.2013 | Unregistered CommenterLadySeishou

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