No Frills Prompt 33: Red Lights

"Life is rich, always changing, always challenging, and we architects have the task of transmitting into wood, concrete, glass and steel, of transforming human aspirations into habitable and meaningful space."
Arthur Erickson

No Frills Prompts are fresh weekly creative prompts that are simple, flexible and fully customizable. The photograph itself and the word "shadow" can be used together or separately. Use the prompt literally, figuratively, professionally or sarcastically.


♦ Draw a chandelier with gold, silver or copper paint... or metallic paint markers.

♦ Create a mobile using translucent glass beads and place it where the sun will shine through to make rainbows on your wall!

♦ Cut bits of red magazine clippings, fabrics, patterned scrapbook paper, tissue paper, ads, product packaging into squares and collage a grid.

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