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    New Stuff Can Spark More New Ideas


    swimming with goggles

    me looking at the tea bags drying on the porch

    random shot at the Fort Worth arts festival

    So new stuff can spark new ideas, right? The next new idea is to stick the little prints from my little Polaroid PoGo printer into the exacompta journal I've been working on for awhile now. [Read Tammy's Pogo Review on Amazon if you are curious about the printer.] I shared these pages without the photos and at that point, I hadn't thought of matching up the two.

    Geez I really do work on a lot of completely unrelated art projects at the same time! Maybe it's artistic ADD, but it works.

    I've posted a link-love wrap up for September {add your link if you participated} and the optional prompts for October index-card-a-day challenge in the ICAD section at Daisy Yellow. Note: This will be the last official ICAD challenge for 2011. The Daisy Yellow Flickr group for ICAD will continue to be the PLACE to share your ICAD artwork and share inspiration. If there is an interest, we may start a new challenge in January, but one step at a time!


    Amarylis alphabet, typography that made me smile big.

    At the Make Something 365 Project, mini-interviews with folks doing year long projects.

    I've jumped on board, enrolled in Crochet School at craftyminx, which is {free}! We're on lesson 2 and it's all self-paced. The quality is top rate! Pop over and sign up if you want to crochet together! I just bought a bunch of cotton worsted weight yarn (and I say that as if I knew what I was talking about, ha) and a few crochet hooks. I'm allergic to wool and I just adore cotton.

    Love this elegantly imprecise quilted photo frame at Sparkle Power, from Rachel of Smile and Wave. I get ideas for doodles and mandalas while stitching fabrics.

    Recycle the shavings you get when sharpening neocolors/watercolor pencils/aquarelles into abstract art using this technique at Housing a Forest.

    Loving Aimee's series of doodled interviews at Artsyville.

    {a little place for creativity}

    Loving the artwork and retro designs at Orange You Lucky!

    The artwork of polish artist Jaszmurka lives happily at the intersection of art journaling and scrapbooking.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    this post is jam-packed with awesomeness- I'm breathless! your pages look great - I've had the pogo printer on my wish list for a while. I nearly signed up for crochet school on the spot (I've tried to teach myself in the past with no luck). decided i would have to quit sleeping if I added one more activity to my life right now, so I bookmarked the site instead. great collection of links - thanks for the abundance of inspiration.

    10.3.2011 | Unregistered Commenteriamrushmore

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