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    Moo Cards! {Part 1: What to Print}

    {a hint of the moo cards i printed}

    So MOO {the company that prints those little cards} approached me to test their products! It was the incentive I needed to get rolling. After perusing the moo site, I decided to order MOO business cards, minicards and stickers. Got the entire order done in one evening while watching Alcatraz and Grimm. Process: Open a file, crop the part I wanted to print and save to a new folder so they're all in one spot (for example, if the photo is rectangular, and you want to do a stamp, you've got to crop a square in the dimensions specified and 300 dpi). That might be most of the photo, or just say, the flowers.

    The analytical girl in me decided to see how different things would look. Here's what I did.

    Looked through the last 2 years of digital photos and figured out the subjects I wanted to print: Art that's vivid and colorful and art that is B&W. Still life shots, flowers, shots that I've photoshopped with desaturated + textured effects.

    Next I considered the characteristics I wanted to "test." I wanted to see horizontal and vertical shots, abstract artwork, desaturated soft colors with soft focus, high contrast with crisp focus, people close up, people far away, B&W, etc. 

    Here's what I think I'll do with the cards. Moo Cards (called minicards). At half the size of business cards, these look like elegant rectangles. Definitely art in and of themselves and would look good on an inspiration board. The minicards and business cards would be cute enclosures when I sell a piece of art {thinking to the future} or do a swap. You can pick a different image for every "front" and one set of words and a smaller image for the "back." The stickers are tiny squares and I'll use them to seal and decorate envelopes to look more mail-artish. 

    Part 2: I'll share the cards I made... pure wonderfulness!

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    Hmmm . . . do I get them if business picks up or get them so business will pick up. Maybe I need just a little development first!

    {Tammy}: It's an interesting quandary, Wendy!

    03.12.2012 | Unregistered CommenterWendy

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