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Mission, What Mission?


{a snippet from my acrylic paintings in progress}

An altered mission for the month of August. A set of themes!

Diane and I are hoping {with fingers crossed and a little fairy dust for good measure} to spread the word far and wide and get many more creative bloggers involved in the link-loving campaign. It's very easy! People will thank you! You will be a hero! So here are the themes for August, so that you can line up your posts. 

  • August 2: Share links to your 5 favorite tutorials.
  • August 9: Share links to 5 of the topics you most love to read or write about.
  • August 16: It's time to curate your own blog, by digging up the 5 most popular posts this year. Please exclude posts with giveaways/prizes. Find the posts with the most comments!
  • August 23: Share links to 5 favorite projects from blogs that you love. 

The mission: SHARE the BLOG LINK LOVE by posting links to specific posts at 5 great blogs. Join us as many Fridays as you wish. Bonus points for finding niche blogs or tiny start-ups that you adore.

Grab a retro pastel orange LINK LOVE badge and read the intro to the MISSION. Just 4 posts for today, as I ran out of time!

  1. Gretchen created a video in celebration of the 200th day of her 365 Revo'lution Project.
  2. At Creative Liberty, lots to explore. Great curated links to articles about creativity or the creative process.
  3. At Good Life Project you'll find Interview with Samantha Hahn: On Illustration and the Art of Success.
  4. Handwriting: yours but better at My Life as a Verb.
  5. At Altered Book Lover, a full page of links to tutorials, all related to book arts or mixed media experiments. 

Diane of CraftyPod has volunteered to help with the link-love mission every Friday in August, so pop over to add your URL to the link-round-up at CraftyPod

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Reader Comments (3)

Love this idea!!!

07.19.2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarly Rogers

Are the links to be for art/creative posts or any topic we have enjoyed?

{Tammy}: Teri, We're focusing on blog posts about creativity, creative inspiration, crafty goodness, artwork, art/craft tutorials and you can interpret that the way you wish. Blog thats you find creatively inspiring.

07.20.2013 | Unregistered CommenterTeri S

Wow, Tammy, that list of tutorial links could possibly keep me busy for the rest of my LIFE! :-)

07.21.2013 | Unregistered CommenterAndria

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