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abundant architectural detail

an orange trolley

lots of people.

apartments. and traffic. and cars. and motorcycles.

the autostrade (a toll road) has automated toll machines and a restaurant/gas station every so often

gorgeous architecture

Da Vinci's Last Supper resides in this church. Unfortunately when we arrived we had just a few euros left and they didn't take credit cards. And so we were thiiiiiiis close to seeing the painting. 

Beautiful tile floors inside the duomo in Milan. 

Continuing my series of photographs from our trip to Italy, I'm skipping to Milan because it's taking a LOOOOOOoooooooong time to go through the photographs from Venice. We drove through the traffic of Milan en route from Lake Como to Tuscany, and we spent the last day and evening in Milan. A quick interlude, enough time to learn about Zone C and get a small sparkle of this huge metropolitan city with apartments at every turn and vineyards and farms on the outskirts. 

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Reader Comments (3)

And now you're in MILAN!! Wait....just pics from Milan that YOU took! You lucky girl! These are AMAZING! So much inspiration here, I love stopping by! I never walk away uninspired....Thank YOU! Have a Blessed and Wonderful New Year :D

01.2.2013 | Unregistered CommenterEden fantastically beautiful.

Ah Milan! I was there when Italy won the soccer FIFA World Cup in 2006 (was it really so long ago?) and the place exploded with celebrations. People standing on the backs of motor scooters, leaning out of car windows, waving flags, car horns and cheering filled the night.

I was entranced with architecture too, especially the Duomo . . . that floor! I was lucky enough to go up on the roof at the time! What a view!

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