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    Make FIMO Stones & Pendants

    We are soothed by the calming surface of smooth stones. That's the concept behind FIMO calming stones. Stamped with any pattern you wish, you can hold them or look at them as a calming influence in your raincoat pocket, on your desk or at the kitchen sink. My daughters and I made FIMO stones and pendants by imprinting patterns from earrings and bracelets. You will never look at your earring stash in the same way!

    The Ingredients

    • FIMO Soft polymer clay
    • A handful of bracelets and earrings
    • Baking sheet
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Oven

    The Play-By-Play

    1. Work on a flat, well-cleaned surface (FIMO stains some surfaces)
    2. Start with a 1-2 tablespoon sized bit of FIMO soft clay
    3. Hold and gently knead the clay it in your hand ~ FIMO softens as it warms up (do NOT microwave)
    4. When the clay is malleable, roll into a ball and set the ball on work surface
    5. For a fairly thick stone, gently push one side down just a bit with the palm of your hand
    6. For a thin stone or pendant, use a smooth surfaced flat item to flatten the FIMO to desired thickness
    7. Select an earring or bracelet with a unique or interesting pattern and press it gently into the clay
    8. For a pendant, poke a hole in the top of the patterned side with a smooth nail or thick needle
    9. Place on a sheet of aluminum foil on top of a baking sheet
    10. Bake in the oven following the instructions on the FIMO package (we baked at 260 degrees F for 25 minutes); remove from oven carefully (WARNING: FIMO is HOT)
    11. The FIMO stones will be cool enough to touch in about 15 minutes


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    Reader Comments (4)

    Tammy, I've got a ton of Fimo and can't wait to try this technique. Great tutorial!

    I love these! FIMO is so much fun. I'll be linking.

    04.21.2009 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

    What a fun idea - those would make great little gifties over coffee and friend talk. When I was in a meditation class we all got black pebble stones to keep in our pocket to remind us to be "mindful" in everyday life! :-)

    Love the sunshine one Tammy. I need to look through mom's jewelery stuff, I think she has better items than I do.

    04.21.2009 | Unregistered CommenteriHanna

    For little ones who still like to "taste" everything, make the stones rather large (so not a choking hazard) and shape the FIMO yourself. Let your child make the imprints by pressing the earring, flower etc into the clay. After baking, they can play with them, match the stones with what made the imprint, categorize them by color... sounds like fun. ~ Tammy

    04.22.2009 | Registered Commentergypsy

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