List It Tuesday: Family Food Favs

With the remaining blank pages left in the hand-made journal that Hanna made for me {the stitched journal we used for The Journal List Project} I did a bunch of the lists for Artsyville's List it Tuesday challenge. Here are the first two lists.

Here's the post at Artsyville: Family Recipe + Food Traditions.

I make chocolate cake for family birthdays from my mom's recipe. Two weeks each year we have two cakes because two of us have February birthdays and two have October birthdays. I love this flip-up flap that Hanna created. Need to try this fun way of expanding a page.

Here's one of our silly word games that we do at dinner on the weekends. This started when the kids were little. Just take the name of an animal and the name of a food, with alliteration. Koala Kumquats. Panther Pancakes. Meerkat Mangoes. We take turns saying an animal-food.

And my dream favorite sandwich would be corned beef on a fresh garlic bagel {or sandwich rye, in a pinch} with a bit of mustard. And slices of kosher dill pickles on the sandwich. But it's a deli wasteland here in TX. My grandfather actually used to make corned beef - that tasted exactly like the deli - but I have no idea how. In Pittsburgh, we have a restaurant that puts the french fries on the sandwich too.

And Tuesday means a new Prompt6ix Prompt! Prompt6ix? A 6 word prompt. Here's a link to all of the Prompt6ix Prompts.

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