List It Tuesday: Been There Done That

With the remaining blank pages left in the hand-made journal that Hanna made for me {the stitched journal we used for The Journal List Project} I did a bunch of the lists for Artsyville's List it Tuesday challenge. Here are the first two lists.

Here's a link to the post at Artsyville about this list... Been There Done That

I had a job in a photolab the summer before I graduated college. Pre-digital cameras. The actual lab was adjacent to the billing department where I worked, labeling film packages with prices and sorting packages for delivery trucks to take to each store in the network. The department manager was an interesting character.... a girl 10 years older who wore lots of makeup, bright red lipstick and smoked menthol cigarettes at every opportunity in the break room. She flirted with the delivery guys and bitched constantly about the job. It was my first experience punching an actual time clock.


Checked boxes.

I had a job before that, at my Uncle's bustling Dry Cleaners. Watching the busy business people rushing in with bags of clothing, cleaning out the pockets of the suits that came in. Folding pressed + laundered button-down cotton oxfords with a metal folding machine, boxing them for pick-up. The sweet scent of dry cleaning fluid and hot, sticky walks through the pressing department to take clothing back to the laundry area.

I'm proud of the "Gum Chewer of the Year" award I received in 7th grade. It was at a new public school that had just opened. And because it was carpeted there was to be no gum chewing. All you had to do was state a rule and I would challenge myself to work around it. So every day I chewed gum, thinking myself quite clever... but they figured it out.

Life's an adventure!!!