Link Love {The Mission Continues}

The mission continues! Help me SHARE THE LINK LOVE by posting a list of 5 blogs on Fridays in May and June. Participate as many Fridays as you feel you can. Bonus points for linking to a particular post and describing what you like or why you are intrigued. 

{stitched 3x6" postcard}

Grab a retro pastel orange LINK LOVE badge and read the intro to the MISSION. Linking to creative blogs you've just discovered, blogs that you adore, blogs you've read for a long time but might not be well known. Consider smaller blogs, and blogs with a fresh perspective that sparks your creativity.

Just start this Friday.

My post from the first week. Another week.

  1. Rae transforms a coupon holder into an organizer.
  2. Stephanie shares the reworking of a portrait.
  3. Traci calls for us to seek out joy
  4. A shout-out to the wonderful Leah of Creative Every Day for leading the creative challenge for many, many years.
  5. Emma's Stitch Therapy is amazing.
  6. Cheer on Lorinda in her 365 Somethings Project!

If you are participating in SHARE the LINK LOVE, please add the URL to your blog post in the Mister Linky below. Links to your home page or links not about our MISSION will be deleted.