Link Love {Blog Love}

Find new favorite blogs and share the link-love!

“Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, 
but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.” 
Maxim Gorky 

The mission: SHARE the BLOG LINK LOVE by posting links to specific posts at 5 great blogs. Join us as many Fridays as you wish. Bonus points for finding niche blogs or tiny start-ups that you adore.

Even one Friday per month helps the cause! 

Grab a retro pastel orange LINK LOVE badge and read the intro to the MISSION. Linking to creative blogs you've just discovered, blogs that you adore, blogs you've read for a long time but might not be well known. Consider smaller blogs, and blogs with a fresh perspective that sparks your creativity.

Just start this Friday.

My post from the first week. Another week.

  1. At Se7en, a wonderful post about creating a family drawing habit.
  2. Linda shares an amazing collection of gelatin prints made for the index-card-a-day challenge. I adore this gelatin print on a map!
  3. Michelle shares a colorful Field Guide at Lost Coast Post. A magical mix of patterns and quotes in a tiny journal.
  4. Lisa Congdon, an artist whose work I've long admired, writes On Being Equal.
  5. At ThirtyOne13 Robin shares a massive printing frenzy to prep backgrounds for index-card-a-day!

Diane of CraftyPod has volunteered to help with the link-love mission every Friday in June and July, so pop over to add your URL to the link-round-up at CraftyPod