Link Love August Mission #3: Ten Most Popular Posts at Daisy Yellow

This week, I'm diving into the short-term archives at Daisy Yellow and pulling out a list of 10 most commented posts. These might not have been the best posts, just the posts with the most comments.

Recently there was an online chat session for 21 Secrets Workshop. One of the participants asked me how often I publish blog posts and I laughed to myself because I really have no schedule. I just post. Which might indicate some sort of a problem, but we won't go there. Of the 300+ blog posts in 2013, comments ranged from zero to 26. 

Daisy Yellow is hosted on Squarespace and here's what I can see in my index of blog posts from early 2013.

So far we've covered ① Five Favorite Tutorials and ② Five Topics I Find Interesting. ③ This week, Five Ten Most Popular Blog Posts. ④ Next week, Five Favorite Projects. Diane and I would love your help spreading the word far and wide. Our goal: get MORE creative bloggers involved in our link-loving campaign. 

So... this week we curate our own blogs, by digging up the most popular posts this year {excluding posts with giveaways/prizes}. Find the posts with the most comments! Thank you to everyone who left a comment at Daisy Yellow this year, it means a great deal to me to read your words. It helps me know that I am not talking to myself!!!

  1. I Wish I Had an Art Studio With Twinkly Lights. Apparently there are a lot of folks that want art studios with or without twinkly lights. I think it was the worker elves that sealed the deal.
  2. The Search for Fun. Interestingly, this was where this concept of a link love mission began swirling in my mind.
  3. Cut + Paste Therapy. Creating simple art journal pages with images + words.
  4. Index-Card-a-Day Extravaganza. Each summer during the ICAD challenge I like to pull together collections of cards and it's always a popular event.
  5. Index-Card-a-Day Questions Galore. An intense comment-heavy wrap-up about the challenge.
  6. Project 365 Update. A mid-year look at my 365 Somethings Project 
  7. Rock a Paradigm Shift. Early in the year, anything is possible, isn't it?
  8. Four Paintings. Working on these paintings, some important things came together.
  9. Building a Collection of Abstract Papers {Video} Thoughts about abstract painted papers.
  10. Share the Link Love: A Mission The place to learn more about the mission, this mission, and to grab a link-love badge.

The theme for next week:

  • August 23: Share links to 5 favorite projects from blogs that you love. 

Grab a retro pastel orange LINK LOVE badge and read the intro to the MISSION. 

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The mission: SHARE the BLOG LINK LOVE by posting links to posts at 5 blogs.