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Let One Form of Creativity Drive Another

“She should have done science, not spent all her time with her head in novels. Novels gave you a completely false idea about life, they told lies and they implied there were endings when in reality there were no endings, everything just went on and on and on.”
Kate Atkinson

{i hope your holidays have been lovely}

What if you took a cue from one form of creativity and used it in another?

What if you stitched doodles instead of drawing them?

What if you sketched a church instead of taking a photograph?

What if you watercolored a quilt instead of stitching?

What if you painted music?


Surprise! I'm guest hosting at Creative Every Day today, what an honor!!! The theme is winter and I wrote a {hopefully not too melancholy} poem about memories of winter from my early days working as an auditor in downtown Pittsburgh, riding the bus home in the snow. You might remember the loose art journal page from Building a Rainbow: Black or White.


Wow. Just Wow. A new drawing film: Red Hook from Danny + Jack Tea Gregory. Danny is the author of a 3 of the best books ever written, books on drawing and creativity: The Creative License and An Illustrated Life and An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators & Designers.