Kick-Start Your Art Journal (Part 2)


Remember that you can start a page anywhere, with any concept, any idea, any word, any image, any photograph, any paint, any quote, any shape, any color, any direction. Then take it a step at a time until you feel the page is finished, you run out of time, or you just don't feel like working on it further. 

You don't have to follow any rules. You don't have to show anyone your journal pages, or you can show the entire world. Be careful not to get bogged down with what to do with a page... and simply do something!


<limited palette>Try working with just one color, in various shades or textures. Or two colors. Or just neutrals. Or transparent colors. 

<recycle scraps>Pull out a pile of small scrap cardstock left from other projects.

<quote>Write or attach a quote to the page first, let the quote guide your color and images, or design your page and then find a quote that expresses the feeling you experience from the quote! 

<channel z> Do an art journal page in a style no-one would expect from you. Surprise yourself. Find one of your styles below and go to the opposite end of the spectrum!

  • Clean and orderly <--> Grunge, obscure, shock
  • Bold, saturated, psychedelic <--> Soft, pastels, peaceful, poetry
  • Intense, detailed handwritten journaling <--> Simple quote, alphabet stamps
  • One main color <--> Tons of colors
  • Painted acrylic background <--> Colored pencil shaded background
  • Collaged magazine images <--> Your own photographs OR no imagery only color

<my summer vacation> Pretend you are back in elementary school and your teacher asks the classic question, "What did you do this summer?" Write the response FIRST (or on a simple layer of pale paint or gesso) as the focus of the page, with details or doodles or colors or collage around the journaling. 

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