Kick-Start Your Art Journal (11)


What I like best about art journaling is that it is relaxing! I love focusing on the paint, the brush, the pen, not so much the end result. Once I get started, I just run with it. This is not about micro-managing your page, but about loosening up and playing.


<alphabetized> Draw a HUGE {seriously ginormous} letter in the center of your page, doodle inside the letter, and create an art journal page about a color or pattern that starts with that letter. Here, I did a page about the color yellow. P = plaid. D = Doodle. R = Rainbow.


<songified> Look through itunes and focus on a song that you frequently play, or a song that goes around in your mind. Choose a song as the muse for an art journal page. You can start with lyrics and create a page around the lyrics. Or create a "mood" that reflects a song. For example, I did a page where I tried to create the mood of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. A trippy, hippy, psychedelic feel, with the photo of the open windows providing a bit of a haunting twist.


<Worded> Create an art journal page which is comprised of words with little if any imagery. To develop the text for the page, consider using a constraint. For example, limit yourself to adjectives. Or three-word descriptions... linen pale blue. Or adverbs. Or a haiku. Or use only words, and no imagery whatsoever. The page above is from my Exacompta journal. Nonsense words in block letters drawn with white Sanford Uniball pen on an abstract acrylic background. The only image is one of my art journal prompt cards.


<Nib Impact> Write with a much thicker or different type of pen nib than usual. For example, if you usually draw or doodle with 005 Sakura Microns, try the wider, softer nib of the PITT brush marker or the metallic free-flowing nib of a Sakura Gelly Roll. Write about how the writing tool changes how you work or the designs you choose to draw. In this example, I'm drawing in my Art Doodle Love Journal with a Faber-Castell Big Brush nib marker. I found the experience  refreshingly different. My options changed because my drawing tool was different. 

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