how to make mail art from everything

Mail art for an artsy friend! Wanted to share how easy it is to pull together bits of all sorts of things, attach them here + there without a plan and make mail art!

a stack of mail art ready to go, including postcards for hanna's swap

here's the back of the envelope; i started with a large greeting card envelope, cut it smaller and stitched up the sides, then stitched on some papers

the front of the envelope, before adding the address, the right side is the closure flap

here's the back of the envelope decorated with mail art chaos

Two things are pushing this burst of mail art. First, of course, Hanna's swap! And second, I've been reading Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art. Mail art is such a pure and wonderful art form. It is made to give away, sent off to points far and near and appears in a friend's mail box through the magic of the postal service. I think it would be easy to utilize the ideas from this book to transform your art journal into something very wild and free. Get your mind off the end result and just start putting stuff out there.

I like the idea of using handmade stuff and core art materials on mail art. Here's some stuff I used:

fabric tape ☆ graffiti washi tape ☆ machine stitching ☆ coffee stained papers ☆ random drips of acrylic paint ☆ moo stickers ☆ colored washi tape ☆ fabric swatches ☆ random text made from quotes ☆ hand carved eraser stamps ☆