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Happy Day Bunting Flags

"Watch a French housewife as she makes her way slowly along the loaded stalls… searching for the peak of ripeness and flavor… What you are seeing is a true artist at work, patiently assembling all the materials of her craft, just as the painter squeezes oil colors onto his palette ready to create a masterpiece."
~Keith Floyd

Last week, the girls and I decided to make a Happy Father's Day banner to surprise you-know-who who hopefully doesn't read Daisy Yellow. So I went to work cutting triangles. Irregular triangles for some odd reason. They took 2 hours to cut, thank goodness for Jon Stewart on TIVO.

Then I sewed the triangles leaving a little rod pocket type section to pull string through to hang up. I got the idea from the rod pocket curtains I've made. Sewing the triangles was surprisingly quick with a 1/4" hem foot. Then I cut the letters out and the kids matched the letters to the fabric as they wished and put everything in order... with blank triangles for spaces. We used a crochet hook to pull the embroidery floss through the pockets and will be stringing this up across the dining room on Sunday... surprise!

I think this is my second crafty project with the sewing machine which involved only fabric! Usually I'm sewing paper. We figured out that if I made an extra B and I we could turn the flags from Happy Father's Day into Happy Birthday!!!

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Reader Comments (2)

Beautifully well done! Hope you have many more projects!!

06.19.2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

Awesome! I made a Happy Birthday Bunting last year and it has decorated picnic tables, dining rooms and trees for our family :D I made another bunting for each kid that has their name so I can just tie the name on the end and it'll be a personalized Happy Birthday. I love your bright colors!

06.21.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlissa

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