Found Stamps

101125_stampg_0006 copy.jpg

Lock washers glued to PVC pipe with Elmer's glue.


Circles stamped with spools {from thread} using purple acrylic paint.


Purchased inexpensive assortment of metallic stuff and sprinkler system connectors from the hardware store and glued them to small blocks of wood from the garage. These are washers glued to block of wood. 


Circles stamped on canvas with large bolt and white acrylic paint.

101125_stampg_0001 copy.jpg

Circles stamped with washers and white acrylic paint.

Search your garage or basement for flat things that have an interesting shape. Check the hardware store too.

  1. Skeleton keys, office stamps {i.e. RECEIVED}, outdated date stamps, inside of a roll of tape, wine corks, pen lids, cookie cutters, clay shaping tools, metal screen, spools, cake decorating shapes, metal jewelry-making stamps, bubble wrap, buttons...
  2. Use found stamps & hardware stamps with stamping ink, white gesso, black gesso, fluid acrylic paint, block printing ink to imprint shapes on a flat surface. A great way to make gift wrap!
  3. Create a larger stamp or an interesting pattern by gluing various items to a block of wood.
  4. Stamp the same pattern in different colors to create a layered look; make a stamp for page corners by making L-shaped or V-shaped patterns.
  5. Find an Expansive list of examples & ideas about hardware stamps in the book Print & Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers.

Here's a video tutorial for carving eraser stamps to use in your art journal or on mail art.