Field Trip: Glass Blowing Studio

reheating while working the glass 

blowing into the glass

lots and lots of serious tools

xmas ornaments

a flame torch is involved

a finished piece in the gallery

We took the girls to a glass-blowing studio and got to watch artists in action. The furnace on the left {at 2000 degrees, the cooler of two} is for reheating the glass as it is being sculpted. The furnace on the far right is never turned off and holds all of the clear raw glass. The guys start at 5am to beat the heat and they were kind enough to answer a bunch of questions. One of the artists had been a painter and then did ceramics before moving to glass. He said that sculpting glass is a total rush. The heat in the studio was amazing, and temps outdoors were only 85F. The handmade kaleidoscopes in the gallery were amazing!