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Drawing Terra Cotta Pots

A collection of square pots on the table in the back yard looks like good drawing practice.

My scribblings on tracing paper.

I've put together a few posts where I find interesting things and try to draw them. These aren't drawing lessons, just my scribblings with a pen. I welcome you to join in and try to draw these images too. Let's get started!

These square terra cotta pots are basically a bunch of lines at different angles. I sat outside and tried to draw them, but I have so much trouble seeing what is parallel, the angles, etc. so it comes out so awkward. Then I tried to work from the photo, tracing with a ruler, because I'm so analytical I wanted to make sense of the lines. The second photo was solarized in photoshop - to see the light and shadows. To "see" what I cannot see.

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Reader Comments (1)

OK, I'm trying to be more creative and make time to do the things I love like draw. So, I took your challenge. Arg! I'm out of shape. the first one came out wonky so I decided to do an old school trick and do a blind contour drawing. It doesn't "look" like a row of terra cotta pots but there are some good lines in there. The angles are better in spots than the one where I was looking at the paper! Thanks for the reminder to take time for art and the reminder to practice.

01.8.2011 | Unregistered Commenterpixie

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