Drawing faces from magazines

A4 watercolor moleskine journal, slicci pen, watercolor

A page I started just before Thanksgiving in the A4 watercolor Moleskine journal. Worked on it off and on for awhile. A twist on the page of faces I've drawn a few times because I am drawing from reference photos. After drawing a freehand grid of shapes I started hunting in the Italian magazines I brought back from our trip, looking for interesting faces to draw. I cut out each new face and sketched in a box. Then I watercolored a bit. Next I cut even more faces and taped them to drawing paper. So I have 6 pages of faces, and I'd like to collect even more faces... older faces, guy faces, various nationalities, angles, facial expressions... and more faces with glasses. I find that my faces are much better with a reference! I love, love, love seeing all of my practice start to gel, start to come together.