Doodle Thoughts {a video}

I started thinking about the process of drawing doodles and patterns. Why does it intrigue me so? Why do I push myself to invent ways of putting lines together? Why do I find it relaxing? I looked through my moleskine journals from a few years ago and found this set of pages with repeating doodles.

I think it is healthy to challenge my mind to think of patterns. Either to transform patterns from nature, from ancient works, from architecture. To develop fresh patterns or fresh approaches to existing patterns. The letter A in 100 different fonts looks different, right?

Simply copying someone else's patterns does not challenge the mind. When I draw a line, repeating, across the page.... I look at it and wonder what I can do to that line to make it interesting. A dot? A curve? A smudge? It is mental exercise.

And beyond that, it's not fair to the original artist.

So for those key reasons, forge ahead but put your own spin on things.

Great insight about teaching idea generation.