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    Define Yourself

    "Not just beautiful, though--the stars are like the trees in the forest,
    alive and breathing. And they're watching me."
    — Haruki Murakami

    {this post updated April 2011; originally published February 2010}

    Three years ago, I was ordering a latte at Starbucks, tentatively holding a moleskine journal and a Ziploc of pitt pens and gellyrolls, anxious for a few peaceful hours of drawing. The barista asked if I was an artist. What an odd question for a girl who had lived in the world of numbers, objective decisions and analysis for decades since grad school. And I said yes. Yes.

    If you teach calculus, yet play golf every chance you can, are you not a golfer? You don't have to be a competitive golfer or a particularly agile player to use the word. Calling yourself a golfer takes nothing away from professional golfers or golf teachers.

    We have many faces to the world:

    • A Java programmer who is an avid urban sketcher
    • A homeschooling mom who writes sci fi stories
    • A pilot who knits cardigans
    • A marine biology professor who watercolors all summer
    • A pediatrician who blogs about interior design trends
    • A realtor who blogs about photoshop
    • A veterinarian who writes quilt patterns

    What are you? "I am a [fill in the blank] and a [fill in the blank]"

    PS. It's Your Art

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    Reader Comments (14)

    i love this. i just returned from an art retreat (an artful journey....totally awesome) and now, finally, really feel comfortable calling myself an artist. i'm so happy with what i created--both the art and the bonds--over the weekend.

    02.23.2010 | Unregistered CommenterKelly

    YES! so very, very true. love this post.

    02.23.2010 | Unregistered CommenterIngrid

    I love your post. Yes, I am an artist, and I finally can feel confident in saying that. Been so many things, but, an artist is always the thing I really wanted to be.

    02.23.2010 | Unregistered Commentermartha

    I am an Occupational Therapist/ Hand Therapist who is a Fiber Artist
    I am a Mixed Media/ Fiber Artist who is an Occupational Therapist!
    I am always a mom and Nature Lover
    I am a wife and Sunday School teacher
    Oh- my list could go on and on . . . . ..
    Happy Snow Day!

    02.24.2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

    I'd be the homeschooling mom who writes fantasy and plays the piano. :)

    02.24.2010 | Unregistered CommenterRabia

    This is very true! And empowers us as well to go further in a our new identities.

    02.24.2010 | Unregistered CommenterShell

    *Kelly, I've never been to an art retreat, though I am tempted to go, perhaps some day. I love that you returned with a new sense of yourself as an artist. Cool!
    *Ingrid, Thx for your kind words and sooooo happy you liked the postcard!
    *Martha, Yay! I love that you are saying what you have always wanted to say, that you are an artist!
    *Carol, It's kind of like... would you like tea with your sugar? Which way is it? I suppose the way we define ourselves is constantly being re-arranged and inverted and mixed up, as long as we keep it positive.
    *Rabia, That sounds wonderfully fun, especially when you do all three simultaneously.
    *Shell, I do like the idea of a new identity!

    Thanks for saying hello! ~ Tammy

    02.25.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

    Microbiologist/Medical Technologist by DAY- to Doodler, Embroider, Painter & Quilter by NIGHT

    02.25.2010 | Unregistered CommenterEden

    .... yippeee! i'm an artist .... but i do a bunch of other stuff too ...

    03.3.2010 | Unregistered Commenterelizabeth

    Great post!
    I loved reading this.
    I am an inspirer, an artist, and designer.

    04.7.2011 | Unregistered Commenterbonitarose

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