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Daisy Yellow: An Introduction

“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of
the expression it leaves on my face.”
Johnny Depp

art journal page, rhodia dot webbie journal, approx 6x8"

New to Daisy Yellow? Here's how to get started.

  1. Daisy Yellow focuses on getting art + creativity into your life. It is as simple as that. My goal is to inspire you to find pockets of time and infuse your life with art. I'm happier that way, and I think you will be too. I do a lot of different things: art journal, doodle, sketch, stitch paper journals and art quilts, paint in acrylic and watercolor. The idea is not to do what I do but to do what you want to do. I'm just showing you that it is possible.
  2. To learn more about art journaling, pop over to Art Journaling 101 and Art Journaling 101 for Beginners/Kids/Teens.
  3. To boost your creativity and learn new techniques, do the 61 DPPs or Daily Paper Prompts {the only rule is to do them in order; skip prompts if you don't have the materials or desire}. The prompts range from simple + fun techniques to full journal pages. A great creativity booster or the solution if your muse has left the building for awhile!
  4. Listen to one of the podcasts I've done with Ricë of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. There are art journaling prompts, techniques, discussions about creativity, fear of the blank page, and lots of laughter.
  5. There are tons of articles and creative prompts in Daisy Yellow Zine.
  6. You can buy Art Journal Prompt Cards or an art print from my Etsy shop
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  8. Join the conversation at the Daisy Yellow Facebook Group. Lots of fun going on, discussion of art materials, folks posting their interpretations of the Daily Paper Prompts and doodles and art journal pages. The group focuses primarily on art journaling and doodling.
  9. Join the Flickr group for Daisy Yellow and post your artwork for any of the prompts from the blog, your index card artwork, your work for the Daily Paper Prompts, etc. By the way... 
  10. Each June and July I host Index-Card-a-Day. Two months of creating on index cards, with ideas, techniques, and creative flow. The 4th annual ICAD challenge starts June 1, 2014.
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