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Creativity Queue Challenge: Day No. 5

You don't have to catch up. I promise!

There are 4 days of [non-consecutive] opportunity ahead.

Days to work on something you've been wanting to do.

It's Day No. Five (5) Already!

If you haven't yet read the introduction, please pop over and we'll wait for you to get back! The Creativity Queue Challenge Hostesses for Day No. 5 are Stéphanie of Luthien and Marcia. These sweeties will accompany you in your efforts today to work on something that's on your creative radar.


today i'll share more pages from the noticing journal and some things i noticed this morning... a baby blue and white sky, polka dot washi tape in a patch of sun, the bird who built her nest on our porch is sitting a bit higher, and the fun of addressing chaotically painted envelopes of mail art.


I am a little worried, are we making progress? Please watch the little excuses that slip in. So sneaky! They mess up your plans for art. Remember those little pockets of time today that you can make progress on your creativity queue:

While the baby naps.

While your 3 yr old works on a wooden puzzle. {hint: if your kiddo has mastered the 10 piece wooden jigsaw puzzles, take a pile of puzzles, empty them all out on the carpet, put all of the pieces for all of the puzzles in a pile and get to work}

While the quiche is in the oven.

Instead of checking facebk.

Instead of tweeting.

While waiting for your hair color to set at the salon.

While sitting on a park bench after lunch.

While waiting for your stop.

Instead of clipping coupons. {There will be more coupons tomorrow.}

Instead of ironing.


{I hope to be a good influence on your art...

...but a bad influence on the state of your housework}

Here are eleven things you can do in 15 minutes or less:

  1. Organize your markers and colored pencils in pretty containers.
  2. Address 5 envelopes with colorful markers.
  3. Put your camera battery in the charger.
  4. Paint 2 envelopes.
  5. Paint an art journal background.
  6. Crochet or knit a few rows.
  7. Cut up a magazine for journal fodder.
  8. Print out instructions or a recipe to pursue later today.
  9. Transfer photos from your memory card to your computer.
  10. Throw a bottle of water, a few fine point markers and a journal in your handbag or backpack.
  11. Peel all of the fruit + veggie stickers off of the fruit on your kitchen counter and stick them on a blank page in your journal.

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Reader Comments (8)

I have bad days and I have good days. Today is a very good day. I am tackling a bunch of stuff on my to-do list, both artistically and boring-life stuff. Tomorrow maybe be full of inaction and procrastination, so I am just savoring the energy and time that I can use to accomplish what I want AND need to. Thanks for the Challenge, Tammy and thanks to all the hostesses. It is so much more fun when I can take a break and check in on what other people are doing (although sometimes I have to close my eyes not to get any more 'good ideas'). Now it's back to another item on my list.

{Tammy}: Lizzie Bo, I know those bad days very well. The days were I don't want to or am too achy to accomplish much of anything. I think that is where art saves me every day. I am so happy that you are continuing to find motivation. One day at a time. One step at a time. And a cup of tea perhaps.

04.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLizzie Bo

I was thinking that I hadn't made much progress the last couple of days but your list shows me that I actually have! 8 magazines have been cut up for art fodder. My pens and markers have been culled and organized. My papers, clippings, and scraps have been organized (again). And I'm reading my way through The War of Art. Ahh, I feel better already! Thanks once again dear Tamm

{Tammy}: Lorinda, I'm glad you are seeing evidence of your progress. It's interesting how organizing our art stuffs can lead to more clarity. Well done.

It's Spring break week for my daughter and my husband is taking some time off too. Will that derail me? No way, just changing gears to collaborative projects and more outside fun. I'm so charged up, motivated and ready for week two!

{Tammy}: We had spring break a few weeks ago and it was definitely a creativity fun fest at our house. I'm glad this turned out to be your "week two" because now you are revved up!!!

thanks for these creativity queue posts! i would love to see more of these in the future, because i think all of us get stuck sometimes... i get artist's block for days at a time where i just can't think of what i want to do next, and this is a great reminder to just pick something up and work on it without excuses.
your list of eleven things is great, i try to do little things like that when i'm stuck, especially #7. i have a big box of scraps that i will eventually use in my journal. you can never have too many magazine cut-outs! every little creative task counts - i like to remind myself that creative talent is a gift that not everyone knows how to or chooses to use, so if you have it, use it and share it with others!

{Tammy}: Ashton, I know that a group of people are working the challenge, and maybe we can get some more folks involved and maybe do a 2x/month or monthly check-in? It is helping me just as much as it is helping you!

04.2.2012 | Unregistered Commenterashton elaine

Nowadays I'm so much inspired to do art that I too have a list that I can do in 15mts
1. Vaccuum
2. dishes
3. cleaning up the toys...
During the day I spend time with my kids and when they take naps/watch T.V I take my art out. One hour before my hubby returns from work I do the above listed things and cooking. So much for art-:) Of course early mornings and late nights are my 'me me' time.
Last week has been great for me with this challenge. Thank you Tammy for coming up with this.

{Tammy}: Susan, you have a fabulous idea here, and so true to my style. I think it makes total sense for me to try to "squeeze" in dreaded housework because I'm just so not into it!

I'm not sure how old your kiddos are, maybe at some point you can sneak in some art with them - they might do a different version of what you are doing. My daughters are 10 and 12 now, and back when they were about 4 and 6 they were "scrapbooking" with photos, scrapbook paper, glue sticks, tape... while I was art journaling. Very similar supplies. Another favorite is drawing maps of imaginary places.

04.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterSusan

This was a great list!! thank you! and the comments are so helpful! Sadly I'm finding MORE things I have to do!! Like Figure out Picasa...ggrrrrrr and put a ton of pics into folders... But!!! I'm also seeing art projects to jump into! Lots of ideas are streaming as I'm finishing other projects! "Art finishing" leads to "art beginnings"!! YAY! and as usual the ocmments box on my blog is still way at the bottom past the previous posts... another "project" to figure out!!

{Tammy}: Sandy, for me the more creative stuff you do, the more creative stuff you think of doing, it's a wild tangent-filled path and it's full of amazing stuff. So best wishes and cheers to figuring out what you need to figure out, to let you move to the next fun thing.

04.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Moss

One of my problems is that I lie in bed at night planning out my page for the next day. It was not always so - I used to be freer in how I approached my journal and not so worried about the so-so pages. I'm trying to undo this bad habit by having several spreads going at a time - it seems to relieve the pressure to "get it right" in one sitting.

{Tammy}: Jo, when you describe this problem you are experiencing, it sounds like you are planning your art journal pages as you would a scrapbook page. The joy of art journaling is that you don't need to know what the heck you will do, even while you are doing it. I rarely finish a page in one sitting. I do a bunch of backgrounds. I do a bunch of cutting up stuff. I do a bunch of gluing or collage. I look for good quotes. It's all broken up into phases. In this way I don't have much "invested" in any page and I sort of get into the process. Have you seen this post on perfectionism?

04.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJo

Well in my head and actually for real I have participated, but not finding the time to photo and blog about it. Spring break is coming up and I am taking the week off from work!!! while the travel plans are not as exciting as they could be- just having time to do things that are meaningful both artsy and ignored home necessities will be nice. Easter egg decorating happened this week and my kids have always been very creative with this- using crayons and multiple dyes - lots of intense color. FUN Fun!!!! Just placed a Dick Blick order and well new art supplies and time off- its got to be a winner!! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration and motivation.

04.3.2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

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