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Creativity Queue Challenge: Day No. 2

It's Day No. Two (2). If you haven't yet read the introduction, please pop over and we'll wait for you to get back! The Creativity Queue Challenge Hostesses for Day No. 2 are Green Glass and Karen of I am Rushmore! These lovelies will be introducing you to something on their own creative radar today and getting the ball rolling for our 8 [non-consecutive] days of creativity. 

washi tapes are magical

Another thing I'd been wanting to try is japanese washi tape in my art journal.  I splurged on a bunch of washi tape, and I am experimenting with it in this journal. I looked at a bunch of sites and ultimately purchased washi tape from cutetape. I have talked with the owner by email (because I was anxious for these certain graffiti tapes to come in) and Glenda happens to live in north texas as well! It took me a full week to decide, and I am so happy with what I picked. The order was shipped promptly, accurately, perfectly! 

My creativity queue included altering this $2 hardback I'd bought a few months ago. And so, as you can see, I started this week! Yesterday I shared the first bunch of pages, and here's another:


This journal is going to be all about simple things.

Some of the stuff on this page = airbrush acrylics, washi tapes, paint chips, ephemera, product packaging, tissue paper, a page from a Cinderella book that a friend brought back from her trip to Bulgaria, a photograph printed as a photo printed by MOO on a mini card, pencil, neocolors... I think it's safe to say there's a little of everything.

Meanwhile, please post what you are working on for this day of the challenge. It's totally OK to show or talk about work in progress, creative scheming and planning, buying materials for a project you dreamed about, making a detailed list of steps you'll need to quilt a piece of wacky fabric art, the steps you are taking to sketch out your yard so that you can decide what to plant where. These are all fair game. It's not about FINISHED, it's about DOING. So it's not a RUSH RUSH RUSH thing, it's a DO thing.

You might wind up working on the same project every day, or try to finish the loose ends on a lot of different things, or try various experiments with your art supplies. So post a link to the photo at flickr (make sure it's not marked private) or to your blog or somewhere in weblandia that we can see what you are up to. And everyone loves to get comments according to my official 47 second survey. So pretty please pop over to these spots and say hello. Spread the love, give congrats.

Remember, you can post photos for any Daisy Yellow challenge or prompt at the Daisy Yellow Flickr group. You'll need to request access, and if you have a photostream with any of your art in it, I will verify and add you. 

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Reader Comments (14)

this all looks like fun and I thought i might like to join in.

{Tammy}: Bonnie Jean, Oh, yes please join us, we're getting so much done and having such fun together!

03.28.2012 | Unregistered Commenterbonnie jean

almost thought I was going to have to bail out on my hostess duties- my computer went back into the shop for the second time in a week, but I got it back in the nick of time and wrote my post this morning. love love love your washi tape pages in that journal. dee-lish! -Karen

{Tammy}: Karen, Just popped over to I am Rushmore and was so happy to see all of your progress on your project(s). Thank you for hostessing our challenge today.

03.28.2012 | Unregistered Commenteriamrushmore

Beautiful journal pages! Do you have a problem with the altered book pages wrinkling? That was my frustration.

{Tammy}: Marcia, I am going to do a post tomorrow or Friday about the pages in altered books. Yes, they wrinkle, they tear, they bend, they warp. But there's some stuff you can do to help that, you can gesso the pages, put wax paper in between, and put heavy books on top for a few days to strengthen and keep from warping. I don't mind the wrinkling because I think it adds character to the book - it's rough, it's alternative, it's more chaotic than a regular journal. You can also glue pairs of pages together. More on that this week, great question!

03.28.2012 | Unregistered Commentermarcia

I absolutely love all your gorgeous washi tapes--great choices. Your pages look wonderful already! I'm getting to all sorts of things with this Challenge. Thanks again Tammy!

{Tammy}: Lorinda, Thank you, and congrats on making progress on your creativity queue. Working together makes it easier, it feels more like a team effort and is helping me skip some of those little questions that might hold me back from making progress.

Your pages are delicious. Love the washi tapes. I think that's the new style statement in art now. Do you gesso your altered books Tammy? I've some cereal covers, would love to make something out of it. Thanks again for this challenge.

{Tammy}: Susan, I think there's a lot of interest in the altered book process, so I will post more on that within a few days. Life is crazy here and I still have to do my US taxes, but it is such fun to alter books. I use gesso on some pages to cover the writing, and it does help to glue pairs of pages together to add strength.

03.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterSusan

Well, {ill} daughter trumps creativity queue (and that is one of those words that if you are dyslexic, you will NEVER be able to "sound out" or look up in the dictionary). But since I am tethered to the house, I am keeping my vow and slowly working on my project. Here's to a spot of sunshine with a sad and pathetic semi-little person.

{Tammy}: Lizzie Bo, I adjusted your wording and I hope you don't mind! QUEUE is one of my absolute favorite words. I think that in the UK the word is used to indicate a waiting line of sorts and it's just so perfect in so many situations! So thanks to modern medicines for our munchkins.

03.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLizzie Bo

I got my second post done! Yes, I love the word queue, just don't love to spell it. But that is true of many many words. Many many. I ended up studying linguistics, though (irony) and after that became fearless in adding new words to my speech; fun words, challenging words (a recent one was mendacity!) but I don't write them much.
Like Marcia, I would love to learn more about altering books. I have had a hard time (as I hear many other people complain too) knowing how to stick pages together and how to treat them. In the end, I know I can do whatever I want, whatever works for me, but I haven't been happy with what I've done so far. I just LOVE the altered books you have shared.
I'm new to the whole blog posting thing, so I hope I linked correctly and I tried to credit people. I've just been so grateful and amazed at the generosity of how women share information! So specifically, thank you again, Tammy!

{Tammy}: Lizzie Bo, It sounds like a lot of you guys are curious about altering books! I think that calls for a series of posts. That will be fun to do. You are just rocking along in this challenge. I am thrilled that you are inspired and on a major roll! It really does feel like we are all working together, I love it!

03.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLizzie Bo

I had myself all ready to start cutting for a quilt and the photo rang - off out to check accommodation and somehow the day vanished! The queue didn't move at all but today's another day and the sun is shining!
I'll photograph progress and blog this evening!

{Tammy}: Wendy, The days tend to vanish, don't they? We just have to take them back as soon as we can. Perhaps you can having something in your handbag or purse to do/draw when you are out and about and have a few minutes waiting somewhere. Cheers to your stitching efforts ahead.

Okay, I did (half) a project I was inspired by Pinterest to make a couple days ago. Will finish & blog it tomorrow, but for today I just posted one pic as my 365 shot on Flickr. I have a husband having dental surgery Friday so I may not get to play all 8 days after all, and half of today was wasted at the consult for that, soooo - I'm calling it a day. Check you ladies later! Keep up the good works :)

~ gem ~

{Tammy}: Gem, Half of a project > quarter of a project > eighth of a project > one small step. Progress, baby, that's all that matters so keep it up! If you know you'll be burning time in a waiting room don't forget a journal of some sort and a cool pen or markers to keep yourself occupied.

03.28.2012 | Unregistered Commentergem

Okay- I think I need to get my hands on some washi tape. I love what you've done with them!

{Tammy}: Jenny, I am definitely feeding some new addictions to washi tape, but it is so much fun!

03.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJenny

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