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    Color Series: Inspired by Orange

    This is the second in a series about getting out of your safe zone in your art and art journaling. Today we get into the color orange! We start with a fun art journal page from artist Georgina Ferrans entitled 15. The lovely oranges are embellished with doodles, symbols and collaged ephemera.

    Georgina describes the idea of using a new color... "I've only recently started to play with orange and explore it in connection with other colours. This page was part of a series of pages exploring the colours of the rainbow because I felt I was using the same colours again and again. So, I limited myself to (try and) use only one colour per page."  Her process is to first saturate the page with watercolor, using color to get through that "blank page" phase. The artist peruses her ephemera for the colors she wants to work with and plays around, letting each page evolve freely. "I loved the way the photo transparency images lined up with the music." Georgina blogs at Phizzychick. {Used with permission from the artist.}

    How to get ideas for using new colors in your art journal?

    <Make a Mind Map>  What does orange signify to you? Not what color theorists or books tell you it should mean, but what it really means to you. I did this mind map in PITT pen in a 5x8" moleskine while the kids were at swimming class. The ideas that came to my mind included, "adventurous, sunlight, tangerine, watercolors and summer."

    <Find ideas at Flickr> In the naranja orange or Orange is a Colour that is Safe and Alive group.

    <Find ideas in art> Biffybeans' Chakra Mandala mixes vivid oranges and purples, while the orange bursts from the abstract piece Polarised by Flickr artist nolando. Find Your Joy by Flickr artist dieverdog is elegant.

    <Photograph Ideas> Look for shades of orange this week, photograph your findings, tag your photos in your photo editing software and review them when you need color inspiration.


    <Explore your art supplies> How many shades or orange, gold and peach do you have? What about combining one color in a variety of media? Orange pastels, gold neoclors, peach watercolors...

     <Find ideas in Fabric & Wallpaper> Righe and Theroux fabrics from Donghia, Thibaut bandonese wallpaper, Georgina fabric from Free Spirit.


    <Make a color inspiration board>

    • Just post fabric samples, photographs, bits from ads, tags, product packages, greeting cards, catalogs, wrapping paper, etc. to a simple cork board and hang it where it will inspire you and make you smile!
    • Use photo editing software to pull graphics and images from various sources together in the same folder as a digital inspiration board in the form of a slide show, or rotating array of screen savers.
    • Polka Dot Bride develops digital inspiration boards for color combinations; check out the totally fun Orange & Aqua or Pink & Orange.
    • Use Flickr Tools Mosaic Maker to pull together photos from Flickr with any tag! Check out orange mosaic and orange crush mosaic.
    • An Orange Inspiration mosaic I created from photos in Flickr... 

    Today it's all about orange, from pale peach to vivid naranja! I would be remiss not to mention the cool blog How About Orange with artsy tutorials and orange fabric.

    A color prompt works in the same way as a journal prompt ~ gets your mind moving in a new direction. It really truly does not matter what colors you use! It really does not matter what you put on your page! It's yours! The idea is to enjoy yourself, spark creativity, think new thoughts, relax. Try mixing colors you adore with new-to-you colors. Or limit the palette on your next page to colors you don't typically use.

    Choose any color. Start anywhere. Check out the entire Color Series, with a focus on colors like pink, purple, orange, blue and more!

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