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Collection #4

It's lovely to spend time creating art rather than thinking of what to create! Here are image prompts to spark your imagination. Pop over to Collection #3 to see the last set of prompts.

rust paisleys, white doodles

bicyclists in Amsterdam, a scene from a short story

stifling hot soccer fields, a "4 Things List" or the setting for a dialogue

let your mind wander about these women chatting in the streets of Ghent, Belgium

two windows in Salzburg, different perspectives, neighbors having a wicked affair, window sketches, a simple palette of tan, ivory and a touch of lime for an art journaling page

crisp peaches, reds & greens at the flower market in Ghent, a lovely palette for an art journaling page

an amusement park in Pennsylvania provides a retro Vegas theme, a diner scene, themes for an art journaling page, a neon blue, red-orange, green and yellow palette, striped doodles, a backdrop for a scene in a short story

a graffiti wall in Amsterdam, a cryptic note, the start of a haiku, a scene from a detective novel, lyrics, a palette of payne's gray, blue and white for an art journal page

a tangled hose, a muse for drawing a maze or a palette of rust, red and green

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Reader Comments (2)

Tammy, you always come up with great creative ideas to motivate us all.

08.23.2009 | Unregistered CommenterShell

As usual, GREAT prompts! Love the etch-a-sketch. Brings back a tons of memories, and they're STILL fun to play with! Hugs, Terri

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