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I've been looking in reverse, following a tip from Zom, the artist at Pinch Me to See if You're Dreaming.

My creative goals for 2010 (more info in Commit Less | Create More) included just doing the artsy things I enjoy, and to work on my drawing and painting skills. Artwise, 2010 was good. My lines are straighter and I can control the pen and brush better. I've gained decent Photoshop skills (except the black hole known as channels). And because I'm an analytical nerd at heart, I went thru my digital files and counted 126 mandalas + doodles + cityscapes and 70 art journal pages! Yikes!

[Edited after posting] Note to self, I need to learn to focus on the good, because I remind myself that I dropped the ball on a bunch of projects I'd wanted to do. And I'm always behind on laundry. But I'm happy about the art part.


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