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Chartreuse: An Adventure in Digital Art Journaling

“Reading a book, and taking the time to ruminate and make inferences and engage the imaginational processing, is more cognitively enriching, without a doubt, than the short little bits that you might get if you're into the 30-second digital mode.”
Ken Pugh

9x12" digital art journal page created to contribute the color chartreuse to the building a rainbow project

In December Jazmin did a digital aj page and it sparked ideas about using my art in digital pages. So I popped open photoshop and looked around for a chartreuse background I painted a few years ago.

I started adding all sorts of things, using brushes, stamping. Other than the brushes (aka stamps), all of these things are "real" tangible art and office supplies that I'd photographed along the way. The library card, found in my dad's attic. The heavy brown envelope, from an antique sewing machine instructions found in my dad's basement at the bottom of an old file cabinet. The photograph of my daughter holding her birthday balloons, taken in October. The pinkish red bit, a postcard I made for Hanna's swap.

There are about 8 photoshop layers. Used lots of brushes to create various effects. A great learning experience - taking what I've learned in photoshop creating other things and applying to an art journal page.

So while it's nothing like art journaling with messy paints and papers and glue, it's a different and unique form of creativity, and I'm good with that.

Have you tried creating any digital art?

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Reader Comments (6)

Very interesting. I have not tired this in Digital form and I am not sure I have the resources to do so. . . I am sure my kids would tell me - of course you do!! I like the idea though. Happy New Year!

{Tammy}: Carol, Thank you for your kind comment over at Creative Every Day! I'm not switching to digital art, because I love the look and feel and experience of real art materials... but it was fun to see what I could do.

01.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

I haven't tried it yet, because what do you do with it when you're done? Do you print it out? I feel a little bit limited since I don't have a great printer.

{Tammy} Marcia, I wasn't planning to print - but you could send it to a photo printing place like any other digital photograph if you save it from photoshop into jpg format. Cheers!

01.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarcia

i'm chomping at the bit to try some digital art, but honestly, i'm clueless on how to begin. do i sense the seedlings for an online workshop???? huh, huh?

seriously, though ;)

{Tammy}: Mo, An interesting idea. Let me give it some thought. Do you have photoshop?

01.3.2012 | Unregistered Commentermo

I went through a digital scrapbooking phase a few years ago. I really liked it, but for whatever reason didn't stick with it long-term--maybe I missed the messiness :)

I very much enjoy working digitally and leveraging my "handmade" work to use in this form. Your piece is lovely...great colors, texture and composition! :)

01.4.2012 | Unregistered Commenterroben-marie

Love your attempt and the sweet story behind it. Hope you do more digi. I have done a few art journal digi pages, some can be found here:
Happy New Year friend!

01.15.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJulie K in Taiwan

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