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Art Journal Workshop: The Museum of Simple Things

Alter a hardback book into an art journal as you learn 5 art journaling & acrylic painting techniques.

♥ 5 new unstructured + flexible art journaling techniques ♥ a focus on acrylic painting ♥ 9 tutorial videos ♥ 34 pages of full-color instructions in PDF format ♥ 1 podcast ♥ 7 kick-start art journal prompts ♥ 

These acrylic painting techniques can be used beyond your art journal. The techniques are freeing because they are unstructured!

Kind reviews from participants:

"... the workshop offers a fantastic chance to really play, and enjoy the messy process, as well as developing new skills and using different materials." ~ N

"I have loved making pages for each lesson in the workshop, learning something great from each and just plain having fun! I still have more ideas to play with and that's a great thing about having extended access to the workshop. The time frame and the build up of techniques allows me the room to let it all evolve. I highly recommend your workshops for their laid back ease and generous inspiration." ~ C

"I love Tammy’s class because it’s focusing on the creativity process rather than how to create a specific product. There is good instruction on the techniques she features while being very open-ended. It’s been easy to incorporate these ideas into my work without feeling like I’m copying or recreating hers. The techniques are adaptable to a variety of materials and I find myself combining the things I learned in different lessons." ~ K

"You have certainly found your calling in teaching these classes - please keep it up!" ~ K

THE WORKSHOP: We will alter a hardback book into an art journal while learning 5 new techniques {with infinite variations}. Techniques are guided with videos, instructions in full-color PDF format, example photos, kick-start prompts, Q&A forum and tips galore. There's even a podcast! My goal is to provide methods of creating art journal pages that you can twist and turn and use in all sorts of ways. My pages are quirky, chaotic, and utilize different types of acrylic paints, ephemera and photographs to speak your truths. We will focus on SIMPLE THINGS that we see and experience every day. Small moments, glimpses, fine points, feelings, the concept of selective noticing that you have been seeing in my noticing journal here at Daisy Yellow.

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Reader Comments (2)

Are all the materials available all at once, or are they paced? Actually I first asked if they were spaced out, but I'm the one spaced out - trying meds for migraines which I didn't even know I had and having interesting side effects including an inabiity to spell worse than normal (and that's saying somehting). I give up. I hope you can figure out what I'm asking.

{Tammy}: Liz, I just sent you an email to follow-up. It is my intention to have all of the materials available from day one. In my first workshop (Parquesito Creativo), I parsed out the materials week by week for the first 5 weeks and then everything was available, but it was intentional to push participants to work through the creativity-boosting exercises in a specific order. In this workshop, although we'll build on techniques, I think the order will be more flexible.

04.24.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLizzie Bo

I'm very excited - I just signed up. This will force me to do one of those things that has been on my list for a while. I have several books waiting around for just such a project! I have some golden fluid acrylics and will pick up the recommended medium. I am going to look for the airbrush acrylics to round out what I have. I'm assuming that I can combine the two?

{Tammy}: Kirstin, I just emailed you the course information, thank you for registering! I'm so excited! The airbrush colors come in just a small selection of color (relative to the fluid acrylics) and yes they are mix-matchable. The airbrush colors are more fluid than the fluid acrylics but with the same intensity. So if you started with fluid acrylics and added medium, you would gain fluidity but lose intensity. The other thing is that the airbrush acrylics come in containers with tips that can be used to apply paint, and that is fun.

05.2.2012 | Unregistered CommenterKirstin

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