Altered Catalog: Rev 23/30 Documented

{Reposting from October 2008, just five (5) months into writing Daisy Yellow!}

As you can see, I've always had a thing for chaos. Messy pages.


It all started with this background I called Imagination Circles.

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Journaled about my reading obsession and my wish for more inspired journaling. To add interest, I cut out words and glued them on top of the same or similar word written in PITT pen. It was fun looking for so many words. Also printed a bunch in in various fonts.

To make the white word rectangles to "pop" I colored, outlined and doodled them with Sakura gellyrolls and glaze pens. But not enough contrast perhaps.

Collaged images from magazines, maps, catalogs, textbooks, cardstock, then edged the images with Neocolor II wax crayons. Using an empty pill sheet I stamped Golden fluid acrylics in turqoise. Using a Starbucks card, stamped lines in turquoise and quinacridone crimson.

With the goal of adding a focal point to all of this chaos, I printed letters in various fonts and stapled them on the handwritten title, then edged with Neocolors. For some reason that escapes me, it seemed like the page needed diamonds, so I made an eraser stamp of diamond shapes and stamped with coral stamping ink.

The finished pages have the look of graffiti, of chaos, of words swirling around my brain as I read constantly, everything imaginable, but get distracted so easily. I love the fact that they are textured just by paint and words.