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Altered Book: The Wind

“It amazes me how easy it is for things to change, how easy it is to start off down the same road you always take and wind up somewhere new. Just one false step, one pause, one detour, and you end up with new friends or a bad reputation or a boyfriend or a breakup. It's never occurred to me before; I've never been able to see it. And it makes me feel, weirdly, like maybe all of these different possibilities exist at the same time, like each moment we live has a thousand other moments layered underneath it that look different.”
Lauren Oliver

Pages from the book turned art journal, the journal about simple things. The wind - when you are riding a bike the wind can be glorious! The movement of the wind in the trees, the brisk winds that clear out your head. Wind chimes. The idea for cutting out the letters comes from Katie Licht, whose quirky letter cutting just rocks. They are cut from the espresso circles page I made long ago. Have you tried that? Great journal fodder. I simply swirled around some Golden Airbrush colors, added washi tape, photographs I'd had printed on MOO cards, the fortune from recent chinese take-out night(s).

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Reader Comments (2)

I love that some of your pages are not super complex. I think that making a page always seems more complicated than it has to be to me. and so often i just don't get started. even when I have prepared journal backgrounds I have trouble sometimes...i often wonder if it is lack of experience with the word part of art journaling or procrastination. I wish i could figure it out. I just might have to try doing what you did in these pages and see what happens LOL!! i am hopeless sometimes!

04.25.2012 | Unregistered Commenterdeb

hey! thanks for the link. cut lettering is one of my absolute favorite techniques, I'm glad that it inspires you!

04.25.2012 | Unregistered Commenterkatie

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