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    2014 Reading Challenge

    2014 Reading Challenge
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    Altered Book: A Bottle of Pop

    “Think of the sound you make when you let go after holding your breath for a very, very long time. Think of the gladdest sound you know: the sound of dawn on the first day of spring break, the sound of a bottle of Coke opening, the sound of a crowd cheering in your ears because you're coming down to the last part of a race--and you're ahead. Think of the sound of water over stones in a cold stream, and the sound of wind through green trees on a late May afternoon in Central Park. Think of the sound of a bus coming into the station carrying someone you love.Then put all those together.”
    ― Gary D. Schmidt

    pages from a book i'm altering into an art journal

    Pages from my altered book art journal I call the noticing journal, because I like to include little things that I notice or like. I did something I've been wanting to do for awhile, to document the way the page was created on the page itself. Anyhow... the page spread started with a blue and red background in airbrush/fluid acrylics. Next I added the photo of a drinkstand at Six Flags. It has the Coca Cola logo that I've always loved. The photo was printed with the little magical Polaroid Pogo printer, which prints quirky photos with sticky-backs! I had a stack of photos that I'd printed and was looking for a spot for each to land. This looked good against the blue + red background.

    And here's how the page sat for weeks.


    I was playing with alphabet stamps and stamped COCA COLA under the photo.

    And the page sat for awhile longer.

    I'd bought an actual bottle of Coke from the mexican supermarket, the kind with real sugar, to see what it tasted like. So with the bottle sitting on the table, I drew a bottle of pop. Then painted the bottle. Painted "Coca Cola adds life" in my best impression of the coca cola style. Then painted "A bottle of pop" at the bottom. The journaling in white sanford uniball marker {the best white marker... see my fav markers here} came next and outlining the words that had been painted in black on the left page.

    Reader Comments (7)

    I really like this spread and have a coke right next to me as I'm typing!

    09.4.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary Walker

    Great spread! And I love Coke, too. But I don't drink it anymore, and you probably shouldn't either. Soda pop is REALLY bad for you in a multitude of ways. I'll leave it at that.

    {Tammy}: It's one of those special treats a few times per year - a "real" Coke with "real" sugar from Mexico. Most of the time I drink iced tea, plain!

    09.4.2012 | Unregistered CommenterConnie Rose

    Hi Tammy, I love the idea of an art journal that celebrates small things that draw our attention and appreciation.

    09.5.2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndria

    Nice Journal pages. When I traveled to Finland- Coke was everywhere in bottles. My house is a Pepsi house since a cousin is a VP at Pepsi. Me- I drink tea and water. Interesting thought about those singular sounds that evoke a strong memory.

    09.5.2012 | Unregistered CommenterCArol

    Beautiful! That Coke bottle is so realistic and I love the white writing. I'm not a cola drinker (ick!) but love your idea of a noticing journal.

    09.5.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoyous

    LOVE this spread! A Noticing Journal is a luscious idea!

    I love this!! LOVE. I love seeing process photos anyway. Like a sneak peek. But this spread. I remember first seeing it and I looked at it for ages. When I just came back to it, I was still wowed. The colours, the painting, the words...noting the process on the page!

    I hope pretty tapes make there way over here as well, although I am not sure if I need to be buying more supplies!!! :)

    Love the bottle.

    09.24.2012 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha

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