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Accomplished | 2010

acrylic on canvas, what a blast!

I'm hesitant to actually post this, because I'm not a big art-counter-upper. The truth is that I'd been considering 2010 an unproductive year when compared to my GINORMOUS LIFE GOALS so the last thing I was going to do was go back and rehash revisit 2010. Done. Over. But then I read Hanna's wrap-up which prompted Eden's list and well, that just did me in... thus here we go!

the creative side of 2010:

♥ wrote 425 posts for Daisy Yellow
♥ drew 71 mandalas and painted a bunch of them <-- creative zen time
♥ created 27 mandala artist trading cards and 3 accordian books with about 30 mandalas
♥ drew 7 cityscapes and 22 chaotic doodles
♥ made 17 art journal pages/backgrounds <--- i need to finish
♥ created 44 art journal pages
♥ sketched 8 scenes from life + from imagination + from photographs
♥ painted 10 watercolor + ink paintings and watercolor doodles, which make me super happy
♥ learned iMovie by filming/editing 2 mandala videos and 2 flip-thru journal videos
♥ learned photoshop + shot + edited too many photographs
♥ created 8 stitched daisy journals and 10 stitched collages <-- addictive
♥ created 1 stitched travel journal <-- journaled our trip to Pennsylvania
embroidered 1 freestyle mandala
♥ played with light with the kids and with holiday lights
♥ made 3 acrylic paintings on canvas 
purchased a sewing machine and learned how to use it <--- biggest surprise
♥ created 12 postcards + artist trading cards for Hanna's DIY postcard swap
♥ made hardware stamps
♥ launched the Friday No Frills Prompts series
♥ developed 12 sets of experiments for the Creative Experiments series
♥ developed 8 sets of prompts for the Kick-Start Your Art Journal series
♥ finished the Step-by-Step Art Journaling series
♥ participated in National Non-Stop Journaling Month with D'Blogala, journaling all 30 days of November
♥ participated in Creative Every Day Month with Creative Every Day, creating art all 30 days of November
interviewed by eden of draw, doodle + decorate
♥ saw a full rainbow across the texas sky
♥ the kids and I planted a container garden on the back porch
♥ made blueberry pie + bread + sourdough starter and tried lots of new recipes
read 31 books, mostly non-fiction

Some of what I'm considering for 2011:

♥ read fiction ♥ write creative prompts ♥ teach e-workshops ♥ draw cityscapes ♥ chaotic doodles ♥ mandalas ♥ create art journal pages ♥ make stitched daisy journals ♥ sew ipod cases and pen cases ♥ paint on canvas ♥ get my art on our walls ♥ buy art from my favorite indie artists ♥ thank my favorite bloggers in some way ♥ print my favorite photos and art ♥ make a blurb book of art or photos ♥ help my daughters make blurb books of their stories ♥ participate in CED2010 ♥ improve drawing skills ♥ watercolor ♥ sell one piece of art ♥ embroider a freestyle drawing ♥

So much of what you will accomplish this year isn't even on your radar! So leave yourself open to whatever tangents are sparked by your creative experiments and explorations.

Have you taken a path through your art, photos, knitting, calligraphy, quilting, art journal pages, sketches...? What did you find? What surprised you? I think that most artists give more thought to the doing, the process, the act of creating art rather than the finished work. That's a pure guess. For me, looking through the finished work opened my eyes to how my art has evolved. And it continues to evolve every day, with every line, every brush stroke.

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Reader Comments (6)

Tammy, You've had a GREAT and CREATIVELY productive year!! I think it's a good idea to take some stock on what we've done, because like you, I didn't think I did much either....but a year is a long time! I'm like you too, I love NON-FICTION books, and tend to read them more. Good ending statement about leaving ourselves open to where that Crafty-Creative muse will take us :D :D Congratulations!! You did so much!

01.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterEden

wow what a most productive year!
Add - Inspired/guided many in cyberspace with your talents and ideas.
I have not thought this out myself, I know I have done more than I think but not in the areas that I might want to.
Modify and adjust are part of my everyday.
After sub zero this past weekend- anything green in my garden is now brown and if it is still green the deer are eating it. This time of year- it is living for sunlight- long shadows in the late afternoon are the best.

01.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

WOW! You've had an incredibly productive creative year! I hope when I look back next year on my creative year, that I'll have HALF as much accomplished as you did. My journey is just beginning and can't wait to see how it evolves.

01.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

You've had a very productive year and I'm glad that you share your creative talents with us through you blog. It's so interesting that you posted this today because I just laid down the background for an art journal page that is to be my 2010 accomplishments. I did this last year for the first time and I love it. I think your are right that we often don't think about finished projects. I think creative people often have many unfinished goals and unfinished projects so they often don't think they are evolving. This is a great reminder for us to look back.

01.26.2011 | Unregistered CommenterKirstin

OMG! What a phenomenal creative year!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

While I haven't gone through my art accomplishments from last year (especially since I moved last year and a lot of stuff is still in boxes and tubs). But I did take your book countdown and posted it on my blog yesterday. I did give you credit for the idea....of course, you always have such teriffic ideas, so it's hard to pick one to go with. Thanks for your inspiration.

01.27.2011 | Unregistered CommenterJudy

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