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A Project List

"Color is the place where our brain
and the universe meet.
~ Paul Klee

The subtitle for this post should be "When you've had enough swimming, gardening and the park and it's too hot to breathe, picture yourself armed with instructions + materials for a dozen creative activities."

When targeting projects, remember to factor in your energy level, humidity, budget, phase of the moon, horoscope, relevant intergalactic communications, birth stone, risk aversion level, roll of the dice, longitude, center of gravity, curb appeal, square footage, depth of field, danger of landslide, metric conversion, temporary amnesia, boiling point, acidity, metabolism and HTML entity code. Do not stand up while the ride is still in progress.

  • Describe one week via slow journaling
  • Kick-Start Your Art Journal by using journal prompts
  • Use bubble wrap to create an art journal background
  • Use a brayer to make plaid backgrounds
  • Weave paper artist trading cards
  • Carve eraser stamps with an x-acto knife
  • Gather flowers and dye journal backgrounds with flower petals
  • Refine your line drawing skills with line practice
  • Try black gesso in your art journal
  • Document your garden in words, sketches + photos in a nature-themed art journal
  • Explore doodle embroidery... no rules
  • Make psychedelic batik cardstock with scrapbook paper
  • Draw from a photograph
  • Make Groovy Printed Papers for your art journal
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    Reader Comments (5)

    Like your list a lot! I popped over and read your list of books to maybe read, and had to laugh. I just co-founded an email discussion list for Bird by Bird. Wanna join us?

    Bird by Bird Group

    05.8.2009 | Unregistered CommenterPrariePoppins

    great list...I will work on ours very soon with my 3 kids and share a link when i post it on my blog. thanks again!

    05.22.2009 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

    LOVED these posts! I subbed to your blog so i can be inspired - you've given so many *beautiful* ideas - i've got seven children and i think one more paper plate mask and i will run away and join the circus - these are so gorgeous and i can't wait to try the "make your own zine", or the art cards, batik cardstock, eraser stamps - the quote book! So many fun, beautiful things! Thanks for sharing!

    05.22.2009 | Unregistered Commentermamazee

    A fun list. I think I'll try the HUGE art journal page some day.

    05.10.2010 | Unregistered CommenterMissKoolAid

    THANK YOU for all this. I LOVE your blog!!!!!

    06.8.2012 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

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