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A Love-Hate View of Pinterest #2

Yesterday in A Love-Hate View of Pinterest I added my 2 pesos to discussions at Crafty Pod and The Magpie Knitter. Further thoughts...

Thank you! For all of your comments, wow!!!!

Pinterest is a great launching point for discovering and exploring new artists and photographers. Above, a funky page from Traci Bunkers pinned to my art journals board in pinterest. The image links to the post at Traci's site. Traci does a fun 30 day art journaling challenge. If you click the other link to Traci's site, where I have my handy dandy arrow, you see all of the other stuff at pinterest that links there.

An idea. My pie-in-the-sky idea is to let the person whose work your are pinning know that you found the work inspiring. Comments/favs/likes/+1's let the creator of the work know quickly that they are noticed, their work, words, photography spark ideas or motivate you. You know, I'm liking this idea more and more.

Sharing art + photography vs. keeping it safe. I believe that artists inspire each other by sharing. However quirky we are, and we all are our own brand of quirkiness, it's good to see someone else "gets" it. Take a risk, put your stuff out there.

Watermarks, schwatermarks. I don't think that watermarking dissuades dishonest people from doing dishonest or wierd stuff with your work. But your watermark might be visible on your photo when it is posted somewhere in the web-o-sphere, so people can find the source if they wish. I don't watermark in a fruitless attempt to get people not to post my stuff.

Truth. You cannot control your "stuff" once you post it. Kim Werker says this eloquently in Prying Control from Your Cold, Cramped Hands (via Craftypod).

Quickie primer on recording a photoshop action to add a watermark. [I'm using PS CS4 so your mileage may vary.] You "do" the thing you want to make an action for, and you record it (like the old, old excel macros). First, make sure the actions panel is visible, click VIEW and check ACTIONS. Then open a photo you want to watermark. Click the actions menu, and the tiny drop down menu at the top right corner that shows the zillion action-related things you can do. Click NEW ACTION, name the option, click RECORD and from that second you are "recording" the action. Click the icon to add a TYPE layer and then type in whatever you want as your watermark (i.e. blog name) then set the text font, size, etc. and click the check mark or enter to add the layer. Then change the layer blend to "SCREEN" and double click the layer to adjust the text options, and click the box that says, "BEVEL AND EMBOSS" and click enter. To stop the recording, click the black square immediately to the left of the red circle at the bottom of the actions panel.

Choosing a text color that is the same as the background color under the text makes it more transparent, and you can adjust the opacity of the layer. The action you just recorded will be in your actions panel under the name you gave it.

Discussions like these are important. All this talk and thought and pondering leads me to even more questions, down the rabbit hole.

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Reader Comments (7)

yes - that's exactly what I like about watermarks - if i find a photo somewhere online that doesn't link to the real source, I can find it that way! excellent.
i don't post my art THAT often because it always feels like it takes more time to do the scanning/(possible) watermarking/resizing/uploading/writing about it than it took to make the original - but then I see people like you who do it all the time and think I should just suck it up and do it. :)

p.s. I LOVE the photo at the top... i might pin it.

✭✭✭ {Tammy}: Siren, I laughed when I read that you were going to pin that image. It is from the art room at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. I think most people think that a watermark is to keep people from copying work, but I think it is more realistic to use it to indicate who created the work. And yes, I do spend time every day getting pix of artwork to the blog/flickr. I photograph everything outside, though, the color seems better. I have a box (or two) of things that need to be scanned and I never seem to get around to it.

10.13.2011 | Unregistered Commentersiren

I'm pretty new to the pinterest game. I too, have found lots more activity linking to my blog and flickr via pinterest. I haven't spotted my stuff anywhere that I didn't get credit for. I think flickr uses some other sites, flickriver and such. At first I was surprised so much of my stuff was there. But they always linked back to me, so I was ok with it. You are so right about TELLING the artist that they inspire you!! I try to do that as much as I can. I just am grateful for their work.

I don't use a watermark, maybe someday! I am of the camp that copycats can can only take/steal so much but the real inspiration is at the well! Within the artist! A real artist is changing all the time, because they are so influenced by the world around them. So, real artists are way out in front if you ask me!

Good discussion and post!!

✭✭✭ {Tammy}: Eden, Thank you for adding your thoughts to the discussion. It's definitely a hot topic. You are absolutely spot on, that artists are changing and developing and morphing, and you cannot copy THAT just what exists already. Creative people are often very visual and pinterest and flickr (I think flickriver pulls directly from flickr so the attribution is embedded) are perfect sources of inspiration and certainly happy-making!

10.13.2011 | Unregistered CommenterEden

My granddaughter turned me on to Pinterest . . . . . L-O-V-e!!!! Awesome site and another awesome post, Tammy! Hugs, Terri xoxo

✭✭✭ {Tammy}: Terri, Thanks and I am off to look at your photos from Portland!

10.13.2011 | Unregistered CommenterTerri Kahrs

Pinterest is definitely on my "to do" list because I've heard so many neat things about it. I usually find new artists on the "Blogs I follow" links set up on the blogs I do subscribe to and in fact, that's how I found you! I'm new to doing art & I really appreciate the tutorials you've put on here and how colorful and fun your blog is. In fact, I love to visit your blog while at work because it always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for putting yourself out there. :)

10.13.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAndrea B.

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for describing a Photoshop action...I have PS 7 so I'm going to tinker around and see what I can come up with. You've pointed me in a specific direction and that is a big help! And thank you for all the great inspiration & discussion!

10.13.2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle Remy

Great info..after reading all of your comments on both Ive decided that in the comments section I will just cut and paste the link to the original source and this way it will follow the pin everywhere...its easy and the right thing to do..actually it should be the requirement on Pinterest...thanks so much for bringin this to my attention..!

10.15.2011 | Unregistered Commenterrobin

I don't have a blog but I do understand the frustration of artist when it comes to being credited. I always read blog posts first in Google Reader and if I find something I want to "Pin" I always go to the blog itself.... and always either use the person's name or blog name in the description. What I find difficult is with re-pinning..... I try and give credit then also but sometimes I forget or can't find the original. If you'd like to find Pins from a specific blog, I believe you can either do a search or when you've viewing a Pinned item some times there is a button that says ~See other Pins from this source~ (or something to that effect) but it's not always there.

Thanks, Emie

11.12.2011 | Unregistered CommenterEmie

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