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    Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series

    “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap
    but by the seeds that you plant.”
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    Art Journal Tangents & Topics: The Series

    The series includes art journaling techniques, video tutorials and creative prompts in all sorts of mediums and mixtures thereof. We'll create art journal pages, draw patterns and ink designs. We will go on tangents and discover new tactics to apply to your journal pages.

    Registration: It's magic! No registration required.
    Fee: Zero, Nothing, Nada, Zip.
    Tip jar donations appreciated, look for "tip jar & coffee fund" button at top right on blog ➸ 
    When: Fridays starting August 1st

    Peek at the first seven (7) tangents!

    Tangent № 01: Starburst {link to tutorial}
    What: Art journal page
    Type: Video tutorial
    Materials: Watercolor or gouache paint, watercolor paper, watercolor brush, black permanent marker


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    Pop-Up Art Outing

    The girls and I drove west to Fort Worth a few weeks ago to see what the Etsy Fort Worth had to offer at the little Pop-Up Art Festival. 

    The event was held on the grounds of the Rahr Brewery; folks were gathered in the cool building drinking beer while the artists were outside in the shade of their booths. For some reason... there were numerous pug dogs in tow but we didn't capture a photo of the little cuties.

    The pop-up event was in a quaint old neighborhood.

    Vivid fused glass jewelry by Amy of Larkspur Studio.

    Ingenious metal sculptures by Texas Rustic Works.

    We indulged in Goat's Milk Soap and Honey Tea Tree Soap from Clover Hollow Soaps.

    Some other cool shops... EPHEMERA Comics & Plant Boutique with vintage books, comics and unique terrariums. They do terrarium workshops! Regal Cottage eco-friendly toys made from reclaimed & recycled materials. 

    Little purses from Dizzy B's.

    We indulged in Purely Coconut, Chocolate Beer and Pumpkin Spice Soap from Drunken Suds Soap Company!

    Gadgetry & mechanical art by The Steampunk Ballroom.

    Everyone we spoke to was incredibly friendly. The show itself was very small and I hope that interest will grow. All in all, a pleasant afternoon.


    Fun Color Challenge: Week #3

    "True happiness comes from the joy
    of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new."
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    The Fun Color challenge continues, and you are welcome {you are invited} to join in any week or weeks you wish. So if you are just discovering the challenge, JUMP IN! You might want to read the introduction to the challenge before you get started. This is the 3rd set of prompts, you can find Set #1 and Set #2 as well.

    Now what?

    Select a a color from the left column, then pick a prompt from the right column and interpret this combination by making an Artist Trading Card {also known as an ATC, dimensions 2.5" x 3.5"} or fill one section of an accordion book.

    Share your work!

    When you create your ATCs {or start filling in your accordion book folds} for Week #3, pop back to this post and share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyfuncolor.

    Prompts for Week #4 will be posted on Monday September 22nd. 


    Accordion Book: Textures

    You can make a themed accordion book to house any of your tiny artistic creations. In Stitched Texture Printing Escapades I created a wild array of textures on index cards and then used the cards to make imprints. I don't always do "something" with my creations, but these little cards were screaming for attention!

    An accordion book that started with a simple manila folder.

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    On Not Getting Side-Tracked

    “Accepting oneself does not preclude
    an attempt to become better.”
    Flannery O'Connor

    art time can

    ~-+<{[[just fly by]]}>+-~

    without a second glance

    organic parrot food to research

    grapefruits to juice

    dish towels to fold

    elaborate plots to steal shitaki mushrooms

    mesmerizing games of Extreme Night Vision Inter-Planetary Scrabble

    what would you trade to get art time?

    ... more ramblings of this nature At the intersection of synergy and compound interest


    Fun Color Challenge: Week #2

    "Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul."
    Wassily Kandinsky

    The Fun Color challenge is open-ended. You might want to read the introduction to the challenge before you get started. There will be a total of 20 prompts {four sets in total}. The colors are not the typical red, blue, yellow but colors that might also send you off in some interesting direction. You can use the actual color or incorporate something about the color "name" or what it represents.

    The time you take to figure out "how" to accomplish this challenge, the mental acrobatics, what-if analyses, conceptualizing.... this is all GOOD for your creative mind. It stimulates creative thinking!!! Don't fear that phase of your work. Don't fear the preparation or thinking-it-through phase. It is incredibly important! You don't have to dig in immediately. You can let ideas simmer on your creative back burner while you do other things, so that when you get out your art materials {or sit down for 12 minutes after a crazy busy day} you know what direction you will go. And it might turn out exactly as planned - but I bet it will not

    Create individual ATCs {artist trading cards} or use a section of an accordion book. There are many options. You could use ATC sized cards or playing cards to create art for each prompt and then {glue, staple, stitch, clip, tie} your card creations onto an accordion book.

    Whether you want to do one ATC {or section} each week or five... go YOU for bringing creativity into your week. 


    1. Pick a color from the left column.
    2. Pick a prompt from the right column.
    3. Interpret the color + prompt using an ATC {dimensions 2.5" x 3.5"} or one section of an accordion book.
    4.  Pick a different color from the left column and a different prompt from the right column and do another ATC/section.
    5.  Repeat!

    Learn how to make an accordion book from a simple file folder: Tangent #3: Accordion Book Video Tutorial.

    Share your work!

    When you create your ATCs {or start filling in your accordion book folds} for Week #2, pop back to this post and share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyfuncolor.

    Prompts for Week #3 will be posted on Monday September 15th. 


    Tangent № 06: Quirky Girls

    “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius
    and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
    Marilyn Monroe

    We continue our fresh, new Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series with a pretty girl to grace the pages of your art journal. To learn about how the series works, see the introduction! Thank you to the 57 readers who helped support DY through contributions. I am so enjoying the flexibility of this series, the ability to add to it with a tutorial in any medium rather than being constrained by the original course description!

    This tutorial was originally part of the 2012 Museum of Simple Things Workshop here at Daisy Yellow. I have modified the concept to fit this space. I've been playing with Golden High Flow Acrylics {previously called Airbrush Colors} for about 2.5 years and I have found so many interesting ways to utilize them on my art journal pages. So here's one of the ideas for you!

    You'll need the following materials:

    • A few index cards for sketch practice
    • Black gelly roll, gel pen or marker {one that doesn't bleed} for sketch practice
    • Pages from an old hardback book with uncoated {non-glossy} paper *or* heavy cardstock 
    • You can also work on any sort of abstract background that you have already created with acrylic paints. Just be sure that it is nice and dry before adding your Quirky Girl.
    • Golden High Flow Acrylic Paint {also called Golden Airbrush Colors}, 2-3 colors including one dark color
    • Paper towels
    • Optional Ideas! If you do not have High Flow acrylics on hand {and many folks will not}, you can experiment with painting a face using fluid acrylics and a thin brush. Or you can paint a face using india ink and a small brush or a dip pen. Follow the same "movements" as in the video.

    Watch the video here, or click over to Vimeo to watch {8 mn}

    The first minute or two is music, and then I talk while I show you how to paint the girls. 


    1. Divide your index card into a grid of about 20-30 tiny sections. Draw at least 20 quick faces. Drawing quick faces is preparation for *painting* faces in your art journal. Note the movements that you make that add up to a face. Make enough that this feels repetitive. 
    2. Start with your paper for art journaling. Paint a fairly light background with acrylic paints using any technique you wish. Just use acrylic paint, not gesso. You can also leave your background unpainted. Let it dry at minimum 30 minutes. Be sure that it is dry to the touch.
    3. Paint a girl! 
    4. Make a list or write something "around" the girl after the page is dry.


    Girls drawn on a 5x8" moleskine journal page.

    Another page from an altered book art journal. This page started with a simple thin red acrylic background then added a quirky girl and when the page was nice and dry I wrote a list of girl-titled songs with a white Uniball UM-153 gel pen.

    Support free stuff!

    Maybe that sounds kooky, but developing all of this *free* stuff isn't really free for me in terms of time & energy. So if you are finding value in this series, if it sparks YOUR creative mind, contributions to the TIP JAR are appreciated. The tip jar is at the top right side of the blog. Reader support will drive future video tutorials for this series. 

    When you create your own Quirky Girl(s) for Tangent № 06, pop back to this post and share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyajt.

    Link-Love for Tangent № 06: Quirky Girls.


    Spotted Photo Theme: Color

    This month, the theme for Hanna's monthly Spotted Photo Theme Challenge is color. Hanna picked pink, of course! So I picked blue... and gave myself a challenge to search through my photo stash for not any random blue... interesting blues! 

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