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    2014 Reading Challenge

    2014 Reading Challenge
    Tammy has read 0 books toward her goal of 36 books.


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    {A completely unrelated photograph from an altered book I did a few years ago}

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    Sometimes You Lose Track and Sometimes You Find It

    "Why not spend that time on art: painting, sculpting, charcoal, pastel, oils? Are words or numbers more important than images? Who decides this? Does algebra move you to tears? Can plural possessives express the feelings in your heart? If you don't learn art now, you will never learn to breathe!” 
    Laurie Halse Anderson

    I have a system of folders on my computer so that I know what I have blogged about and what I have not. It is a pretty simple system. Not rocket science. When I blog about something I move it to another folder. Bloggers keep track of topics and tangents thereof. A list of what they've already written about, what they plan to write about, projects they've finished and projects they've posted. And not posted. And haven't yet started. And forgot to photograph. This list might reside on an Excel spreadsheet, in a scuffed up Moleskine journal or in the back of a blogger's mind. Maybe on a napkin from a birthday party.

    So I lost track and started getting further and further behind my imaginary schedule. I was DOING art and photographing the art but not SHARING the art. That's why I'm still posting the 365 Somethings Project that I finished in October! I can say that I am finally catching up. Slowly but surely. Right in the middle of personal "stuff" and launching two workshops.

    Counter-intuitive. In midst of a big hugely over-scoped project, you can accomplish all sorts of unrelated stuff. You get into a focused work mode and just keep going. When do you accomplish the most? 


    Summer + Winter Mandalas

     Summer Mandala:

    Summer Mandala, pencil sketch directly on canvas, acrylics

    Summer, pencil + acrylics on canvas, almost finished. I named this one summer because the original layers were very summery... 


    Winter Mandala:

    Winter Mandala, pencil sketch, beginnings of the acrylic work

    Winter mandala, almost finished. I named this one Winter because of the blues in the base layer.

    I think I'll paint around the mandalas on each of these canvases, to bring the background right up to the mandala, but that is for another day. I know this process works, and that is the important thing.

    Is there something that you have thought about trying? Maybe you just need to get out the materials and do a test. While I was painting a 24x36" painting on wood {will post photos}, I had this idea and wanted to explore it further. So right in the middle of painting something else, I put two 9x12" canvases on top of the wood board and started playing around. I didn't gripe at myself for not finishing one thing before starting the next. I'm not punching a creative time clock. There's no deadline on my work, no finish line. I just want to paint. Anyhow, I had painted a mandala on the wood board and that was long and challenging. I knew that drawing the lines would be more precise than painting the lines. Could I simply draw a mandala on canvas with pencil and then color it in with acrylics? Sometimes an experiment simply stares you in the face and dares you to give it a try. Had I never simply drawn on canvas in pencil? How could this be? 


    365 Somethings #348 - 353

    “How can you come to understand your life when even the beginning is so complicated: a single cell imprinted with the color of your eyes and the shape of your face the pattern on your palm and the moods that will shadow you through your life. How can you be alive when every choice you make breaks the world into a thousand filaments each careless step branching into long tributaries of alternate lives shuddering outward and outward like sheet lightning.”
    Dan Chaon

    fabric mini-art quilt 


    fabric mini-art quilt

    "i'm undefined"

    fabric mini-art quilt

    "you won't remember"

    fabric mini-art quilt

    "prayer flags"

    fabric mini-art quilt

    "metaphysical: no sense of how"

    fabric strips


    All of the cards in this set are fabric collages.

    Yes, I know. It's February 2014. I'm late in posting but I actually finished my 367th card on October 23, 2013. On the back of each card, I noted the card number and the date completed. I stayed well ahead of the game throughout the year. To give you a feel for the pace, I finished card number 180... about half... on April 4. I stitched a few cards at a time, rather than one each day. It just happened that way, I got into the flow of creating these little 3x5" collages and kept going as long as I had ideas OR time. I never ran out of ideas... in fact the ideas inspired other ideas. I allowed myself to go on tangents and play with a variety of materials. All in all, a great project that I am thrilled about!

    All of the collages are stitched 3x5" index cards. Curious? Read all of the posts about my 365 Somethings project. 


    Video: Compass Mandala

    approx 5x7" mandala, strathmore watercolor paper, derwent pencil, gouache

    video: 2 minutes, with music

    This is a quick little video about drawing and painting this mandala. I like the way the pencil dissolves and adds depth to the lines of the mandala. This was painted with a #8 watercolor brush.


    365 Somethings #340 - 347

    “There's no limit to how complicated things can get,
    on account of one thing always leading to another.”
    E.B. White


    Yes, it's already February and I am still wrapping up posting this project from last year. There's really no rush to have everything perfectly organized. There's no due date. I just make this blogging thing up as I go.

    And so here, the next set of SOMETHINGS from my 2013 project. I am in love with this set, and I think can see a vision of larger format art quilts in my future. They are totally engaging. The first five in this set are fabric quilts {without the quilting, as that would be pretty bulky on an index card}. I toyed with "not" putting words on these, but ultimately like the juxtaposition of words and shapes and fabric and text...

    "get poetic finally"

    "may i have the democracy window"

    "exist seal peace"

    "blinking hope directions"

    "rightly reading a book"

    "the house"

    found text, fabric

    "there but the forever"

    found text, watercolor, gouache

    "you won't even be sure"

    found text, watercolor, gouache

    All of the collages are stitched 3x5" index cards. Curious? Read all of the posts about my 365 Somethings project. 


    Index: Kick-Start Prompts

    "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." 
    Mark Twain 

    Kick-Start Prompts are detailed art journal prompts devised to SPARK ideas for your pages.

    There is no right or wrong way to do the prompts. You can interpret them literally, paradoxically, matter-of-factly, poetically, theoretically, magically, etc. You can start a page anywhere, with any concept, any idea, any word, any image, any photograph, any paint, any quote, any shape, any color, any direction. Often it is just the initial push that you need to get going.

    A kick-start. A spark. A jump. A prompt. An idea. A direction. A path. And it's not as simple as smashing purple paint all over the page. Then what? A page of purple paint. A blank page, once again.

    Art journaling is about the PROCESS, the doing, the getting-stuff-on-the-page thing rather than the pretty-finished-page thing. Each of these posts has a bunch of Kick-Start Art Journaling Prompts. Pick one of these posts and work through the prompts in order, in reverse, upside-down, whatever you wish. The important thing is that you get started and not stress about the blank page.

    If you run out of Kick-Start Prompts, you can find prompts galore in every issue of the Daisy Yellow Zine. Yes. Even more prompts. So if you are a prompt-junky, addicted to prompts, you have definitely stumbled upon the right place. You'll also discover prompt-o-matic fun in my art journal prompt cards. These might be a mix between BINGO cards, tarot cards, post cards and prompt cards.

    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (1)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (2)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (3)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (4)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (5)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (6)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (7)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (8)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (9)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (10)
    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (11)

    I've done some housekeeping; the original twenty-three (23) kick-start prompt posts have been combined into 10 posts and I've updated the photographs. This is now the official home base for the Kick-Start Prompts!


    Kick-Start Your Art Journal (11)

    It is about relaxing and being creative, not about what you produce. The key is to get started. It doesn't matter how. This is a series on tricks to conquer a creative block or the desire to hyper-control your page.

    <alphabetized> Draw a HUGE {seriously ginormous} letter in the center of your page, doodle inside the letter, and create an art journal page about a color or pattern that starts with that letter. Here, I did a page about the color yellow. P = plaid. D = Doodle. R = Rainbow.

    <songified> Look through itunes and focus on a song that you frequently play, or a song that goes around in your mind. Choose a song as the muse for an art journal page. You can start with lyrics and create a page around the lyrics. Or create a "mood" that reflects a song. For example, I did a page where I tried to create the mood of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. A trippy, hippy, psychedelic feel, with the photo of the open windows providing a bit of a haunting twist.

    <Worded> Create an art journal page which is comprised of words with little if any imagery. To develop the text for the page, consider using a constraint. For example, limit yourself to adjectives. Or three-word descriptions... linen pale blue. Or adverbs. Or a haiku. Or use only words, and no imagery whatsoever. The page above is from my Exacompta journal. Nonsense words in block letters drawn with white Sanford Uniball pen on an abstract acrylic background. The only image is one of my art journal prompt cards.

    <Nib Impact> Write with a much thicker or different type of pen nib than usual. For example, if you usually draw or doodle with 005 Sakura Microns, try the wider, softer nib of the PITT brush marker or the metallic free-flowing nib of a Sakura GellyRoll. Write about how the writing tool changes how you work or the designs you choose to draw. Drawing in my Art Doodle Love Journal with a Faber-Castell Big Brush nib marker, I found my patterns surprisingly different. As expected, they are more bold. But more importantly, the drawing experience felt quite different. 

    See all of the Kick-Start Prompts.

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