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What type of art do you do?

It's a question without a straightforward answer. At least not for me. The reality is that most of us cannot sum up our artistic adventures in a sentence, in an elevator pitch. We could say, "I'm a gouache painter." Or we could develop condescending responses with an air of mystery, like, "I explore the symbiotic relationship between millefleur and digital ephemera."

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Muse30 Prompt #31

A bonus prompt to wrap up our never-ending Muse30... er.... Muse31 series that began long ago, at least in internet time! I hope that you have enjoyed this conglomeration of prompts and have started to explore the words and phrases in your own way,  to interpret each of them in your journal or on an index card. There is no better time to start working in your journal than TODAY so hop over to Muse30 #1: Print and get started!!!

Muse30 Prompt #30

Let's brainstorm some ideas for interpreting the prompt genuine. Real, honest, sincere, flawless, authentic, true. The opposite of fake or counterfeit or artificial. You could create a journal page divided into two parts. On one part, explore your own authentic words, writing, thoughts, documentation. On the other half, use alphabet stamps, a typewriter, print words from the computer, cut found poetry, as if it were manufactured and published. Or tell two stories, one fake, one real. Let the reader guess which is which! 

A Quick Review of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks

I love art materials that are versatile and flexible, materials are inherently building blocks to art. These inks are thoroughly engaging and now happily incorporated into my creative endeavors. This month, I'm playing with inks every day, creating abstract pages, doing some dip pen lettering, and more. Each year I dive into a different aspect of ink and am always amazed to see what I can accomplish in just month of experimenting. This is the third year I'm playing with inks for the Inktober Challenge. I thought it would be fun to share with you my thoughts on these inks. So here we go!

Playing with Inks Yet Again

The point of doing a creative challenge is to PUSH your boundaries. To get out of the box. To not only "do" something specific each day but to put your heart into it, indulge your ideas. It is an opportunity to dig deeper into your creative work. 

India Ink Inktober

Playing along with the Inktober Challenge, which is technically a drawing challenge but I'm working with ink on paper every day. This is my 3rd year participating in the challenge and I like to have a focus for the month, a technique with which to experiment. I've decided to move up to 5x8" watercolor paper {cards 1-5 were on 4x6" paper} to have more real estate to allow for even more random accidents of inky fate. I'm working quickly, making marks, splatters, spritzes, etc. 

Muse30 Prompt #27

Argent. The silvery moon. It's a wonderful life. Every cloud has a silver lining. The periodic table. A neutral palette.  Atomic number 47. Silverware. 25th anniversary. The Lone Ranger's horse. 

Art Journal: Video, Linger

Inspired by the lyrics of a Cranberries tune, these pages are loose and free and unstructured. How would someone unfamiliar with art journaling view this creative outlet. Creative outlet? Art? Craft? Hobby? Documentation? Meaningless mess? Collage? Chaos? 

Inktober 1-5

So for Inktober I decided to go completely off-prompt and do my own thing. For the first half of the month my plan is to make these 4x6" abstracts on watercolor paper, trying to make cards that are visually interesting and somehow pleasing to the eye with some sort of balance.