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    The Daily Paper Prompts: Index

    "Go ahead into life, full-blooded, courageous and leap for the adventure. But you must do it soon—before the summer of your youth has cooled off into caution. You are magnificently charming—and you come like a torrent. But you will be spent on the futility of little things. You are not a watercolor. You are carved out of life—and there can be no petty hesitancies about you.”
    Ruth Reichl

    Official Index of Daily Paper Prompts

    A series of 61 techniques-based creative prompts that can be worked at your own pace and interpreted on paper of any size, from index cards to full pages in your journal to loose pieces of cardboard. A little nudge to help you commit to a recurring creative "date" on the calendar of your life. It doesn't have to be a B-I-G decision in capital letters. It's just a tip of the hat, a nod, a wink. A bit of time every day for yourself. I suggest that you work the prompts in order ~ but ~ feel free to simply skip a prompt that you don't feel like doing, or a prompt where you don't have the materials. You can be as clever as you wish with your interpretation!

    Disclaimer: The intention of these prompts is to learn, practice or otherwise interpret a variety of techniques that could then be components or lead to ideas for your artwork. The DPP might or might not wind up with a lovely finished work that you adore. Try to look at it as practice and exploration. Or art material testing. Playing with techniques or ideas.

    NEW PROMPTS EN ROUTE! We're going beyond 61, folks!!!

    DPP #1: Paint a Rainbow

    DPP #2: Windows

    DPP #3: Drips


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    Link Love - Tangent #1, Starburst

    “What draws people to be friends
    is that they see the same truth.
    They share it.”
    C.S. Lewis

    If you have you tried Tangent № 01: Starburst {link to the tutorial}, share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyajt.

    Link-Love for Tangent № 01: Starburst.



    What is Your Next Step?

    Taking the time and energy to add art to your day is an accomplishment! So whether you are continuing a lifelong art habit, sticking with your intention to make a fresh habit or rejuvinating a fading creative habit, go YOU.

    1. Collect a bunch of twigs, leaves & flowers from your garden and form a mandala or bring them inside to sketch. 
    2. Make a coffee date with a friend. Tell the friend about your art kick. Bring a little piece of art as a gift.
    3. Get a new art book {Ideas in Art Journaling 101}. 
    4. Reward yourself! Buy a bottle of india ink, a calligraphy nib, a moleskine journal or three new rolls of washi tape. 
    5. Photograph your art journal {not just the flat pages inside, but the edges the cover, the binding}. Photograph your stack of index card art! 
    6. Find a home for your newest batch of artwork. Hang it from an art wire across the room, pin it to a cork board, digitize and using as a desktop background, make a calendar. 
    7. Give away some of your art to friends. 
    8. If you are on a creative roll, keep going! Use the inertia. The momentum. 
    9. Make a journal page which includes a list of the experiments you'd like to try. 
    10. Would you like your next journal to be themed? 
    11. What small work would you like to try on a larger piece of paper or canvas? Or wood?
    12. What have you learned about fear? Perfectionism? How has your approach to the blank page changed? How has your art journaling style changed? 
    13. How could you incorporate index cards or small pieces of art like inchies/twinchies into your larger artwork? 
    14. Take a look and NOTICE what you have accomplished. 


    DY Newsletter № three ③

    3x5" index card, gelly roll, gouache

    If you signed up for my every-so-often-update newsletter, you should receive number three via email. In the comments section, you are welcome to add feedback about the newsletter. If you missed it, you can read it at this link! And be sure to sign-up if you have not already done so. The form is to your right, on the blog, where it says something tricky like "Newsletter Sign-Up" and... if you've changed your mind there's a handy unsubscribe option at the bottom of the newsletter. 



    Twisted & Colorized Mandala

    5x8" moleskine journal, ink, gouache

    Color turned this twisted mandala into something bright and cheerful! I drew this mandala while at carpool back in May and wasn't thrilled with it. So a few weeks ago I decided to see if I could improve the mandala with color. This journal {5x8" moleskine sketch journal with manila folder-like paper} is great for drawing but not so great for paint, so I scrubbed the brush into the paper to get the color to "take" the gouache. And with color the mandala blossomed... now I love it! I so often leave my work in black & white, and I need to remember that color adds a bit of magic and suprise.


    Learning is not equal to failure

    your art experiment turns out
    other than you had hoped
    dreamed planned expected
    it is not failure
    it is part of the learning curve
    step back
    ask yourself relevant questions
    about your process
    about your materials
    and try again

    "Everybody has a home team: It’s the people you call when you get a flat tire or when something terrible happens. It’s the people who, near or far, know everything that’s wrong with you and love you anyways. These are the ones who tell you their secrets, who get themselves a glass of water without asking when they’re at your house. These are the people who cry when you cry. These are your people, your middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what people." 
    Shauna Niequist


    Spotted Photo Theme: Animals

    "Though not a natural world by any means, more like a collection of living dioramas, a zoo exists in its own time zone, somewhere between the seasonal sense of animals and our madly ticking watch time."
    Diane Ackerman

    Safari Park. San Diego 2014

    When we visited San Diego this summer, we went to the Safari Park for the first time. We went on a jeep safari adventure where we got to see the animals in the african safari area up close and personal. The giraffes literally put their heads inside the jeep!

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    Tangent № 01: Starburst

    “It's this simple:
    If I never try anything,
    I never learn anything.
    If I never take a risk,
    I stay where I am.”
    Hugh Prather


    We open our fresh, shiny new Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series with a sunburst for your art journal. To learn about how the series works, see the introduction!

    You'll find a video showing my method for drawing the starburst, filling in the sections with gouache {watercolor will also work perfectly for this format} + doodles + patterns. 

    The sunburst format allows spaces to fill with colors, patterns and words. Elements we all adore in our art journals. I like the flexibility and the ability to use words as actual words or written in a scribbly manner. This allows us to get something off of our mind or analyze a decision yet let it look mostly like texture. Legible, but not easy to read. 

    I drew the final details a week later when I was in a doodly mood.

    The page is painted with gouache in the A4 watercolor moleskine journal. I like the flow of drawing and painting at the same time rather than painting and then later drawing or writing. Yup! I missed a letter in ANOT[H]ER, who cares? This page is not going to the Smithsonian. It's not the last time I'll forget a letter, an entire word, misquote, write the wrong lyrics... it's all about the DOING not the end result. The end result is a happy bonus.

    As with all of the "Tangents" in the series, you are welcome to create your own version using the tutorial. The idea is not to duplicate my work, but to search your mind for words, patterns and doodles and fill your own STARBURST. 


    • Black permanent marker or black india ink
    • Watercolor paper
    • Watercolor or gouache paint {my page is in gouache}
    • Watercolor brush, size 6 or 8 pointed round or round
    • Water jar with water, paper towel to catch drips

    You can watch the video below, or click to pop over to Vimeo to watch.
    Video: 8 minutes. There is music playing while you watch, so feel free to mute the volume. The instructions are found below.

    So here's what to do! 

    1. Draw the outline of the starburst with a permanent black marker. In this video, I use a black gellyroll.
      • First, draw a free-form circle in the center of a rectangular piece of watercolor paper. Just keep drawing round and round until it looks somewhat circular. Art journaling is NOT about perfection.
      • Draw free-form lines radiating from the outer edge of the circle. We are not trying to draw perfectly straight lines. Just lines.
    2. Doodle like crazy!
      • Draw a different pattern in each "section" of the starburst. Look around the room you are in and you'll find some sort of patterns. Consider chevrons, stripes, waves, etc. In some sections, use designs that are curvy. In others, use designs that are angular or geometric. Variety is the spice of life, right?
      • In some of the sections, write words in block letters. Leave some sections blank. For words, you can use a quote or phrase that inspires you! BrainyQuote is a great resource for quotes.
      • You can add more words, write in tiny or big cursive letters or divide some of the sections into smaller sections in an impromptu fashion. 
    3. Prep your paints.
      • If you are using pan watercolors, spritz your pans with water using a little spray bottle to prep them. Or put a drop of water in each of your pans. 
      • If you are using tubed watercolor or gouache paints, you'll need to squeeze a bit of your paints into the sections of a plastic palette. I let mine dry overnight and then spritz with water the next day {or a month later}. More about organizing tubed paints in this post.
    4. Dip your brush in the jar of water and then into one of the paint pans and grab some color. 
    5. Paint the sections one by one. Each time you switch colors, be sure to dip your brush in the jar of water and swoosh it around to remove the paint. 
    6. Add details with the brush {stripes... dots... swirls...} 
    7. Add details and additional words with a black permanent marker. 


    Try this technique with watercolor, gouache, fluid acrylics, colored pencils or Faber-Castell brush nib PITT artist pens.

    If you would like to learn more about painting with watercolor or gouache, I'm presently teaching two online workshops... Watercolor Playground and Painted Paper Paradise. More info in the Workshops section of the blog.

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