A Collection of Randomness

"Creativity is about play and a kind of willingness to go with your intuition. It's crucial to an artist. If you know where you are going and what you are going to do, why do it?"
Frank Gehry

An assortment of random groups/collections like squares, tiny leaves, rainbow pinwheels, dots, fans, bubbles, mandalas, ladybugs, stripes, houses and a blue nautilus. No focus on anything other than practicing brush work. Asking, "What will happen if I.....?" This might be fun to cut up for collage. Undecided. That will be a game-time decision on some future date. Gouache on 9x12" Clairefontaine watercolor paper. 

Newsletter Number Eight

Disclaimer: This image has nothing to do with the following post. 

9x12" watercolor paper, gouache

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Tiny Museum, a Peek into my New Abstract Painting Workshop

A fresh video peek into the new Tiny Museum Workshop. This is a brand new workshop where we will work with gouache or watercolor to create tiny abstract works using a variety of painting techniques. My goal is to inspire you to experiment with your art materials, to get immersed in the process of painting. 

Watch at Vimeo or YouTube

Tiny Museum launches on September 6, 2015. 

We'll go on a treasure hunt for inspiring ideas and create tiny abstracts with watercolor or gouache paint. I'll share ideas galore in a warm, nurturing environment. You can work in a taped, wire bound, handmade or store-bought bound journal with watercolor paper. 

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Save $10 or more thru
September 2 on Tiny Museum registration.

All workshops include a 24-page supporting document about the art of watercolor/ gouache, with tips on selecting colors, creative examples and a list of sites for reference as you gain experience and want to learn even more.

Tiny Museum: $35 {$10 off }
Watercolor Playground: $25
Painted Paper Paradise: $39 {$10 off}
Watercolor Playground + Painted Paper Paradise Combo: $54 {save $10}
Tiny Museum + Painted Paper Paradise Combo: $62 {save $12}

Select one option:

If you'd like to take ALL of the abstract watercolor/gouache workshops {they are all completely different!} register for the triple-pack! That's Watercolor Playground, Painted Paper Paradise & Tiny Museum: $75 {save $24 off sale prices}. All workshops include a 24-page supporting document about the art of watercolor/gouache, tips on selecting colors, creative examples and a list of sites for reference as you gain experience and want to learn even more.

Each workshop is taught via video tutorials posted on a private blog. Upon registration, you'll receive a login and password for each workshop. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your login/password information. You'll need internet access and a high speed internet connection to view the videos. The workshop will be "rolled out" over the course of two weeks. You'll then be able to access all of the materials through December 2017. I will participate in the Facebook group and respond to questions and add inspiration & ideas:) FB access is NOT required to take the workshop. Please note that workshop fees are non-refundable.

What materials will I need? You'll need watercolor paper, tubes or pans of watercolor or gouache {which is like opaque watercolor, better for layering colors} paint and a few watercolor brushes. A detailed material list is available upon registration. 

Facebook/Flickr Group? Yes! The group will be a space for you to share the work that you create for the workshop. I'll send a link to the secret FB group so that you can join if you so desire. On Flickr, the group will be combined with the group for Painted Paper Paradise.

Feedback from Watercolor Playground and Painted Paper Paradise workshop participants:

"I have never had any formal art training and have always felt deficient for this, and also a yearning to study art. Your tutorials are simple to understand and follow, you give clear and practical guidance and all videos are professional and fun to watch. The system you've developed of sharing and supporting work via the FB page is an excellent way of gaining insight into others techniques, styles and interpretations of projects you suggest. Emphasis is put on the process, practise encouraged and also exploration. You teach vital skills to understand the properties, potential and limitations of working with water colour and emphasise the delight of discovery and free expressive painting. I feel indebted to you, as you reignited my creative flame and gave me an outlet for this vital self expression." 

"Thanks, Tammy for such a wonderful & positive experience in your Watercolor Playground and Painted Paper Paradise workshops. As a loyal member of Daisy Yellow for quite some time, I am always inspired by your work, your talents and your ability to teach, coach & mentor in a way that is easy to follow and understand, no matter the difficulty of the technique to be conquered. I will continue to recommend any of your workshops with high marks!" 

"I’ve been a fan and follower of Tammy/Daisy Yellow for many years and recently completed her Watercolor Playground Workshop. Tammy has a fun and playful style of teaching. She manages to make you feel like YOU can do this. I’ve always felt intimidated by watercolors-but after taking Tammy’s class-the apprehension has been kicked to the curb! (and I love the music she plays during a time lapse segment) Thank you Tammy-for creating this class and sharing your passion and inspiration. It’s contagious :)  You are a treasure!"

"What I love about your videos so far, is that because I have a smidgen of knowledge I love how your exercises are teaching us basic steps of controlling the paint without making it boring.  We end up with something that is cool to look at and can be used.  I don't know if teaching comes easy for you but I would say that you definitely have a knack for sharing in a creative and interesting way!  I have learned a ton just watching your videos and can't wait until I dip my brush into water and some beautiful paint.  Now maybe I will get those expensive paints I bought out and take them for a spin."

"I really enjoyed this exercise and I am finding that the exercises are really helping me to practice mixing my paint with water to get the right intensity of colour."

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing these pages. My only other attempt at doing watercolor was based on learning from a book, and it was so abysmal I put it away and never got back to it. Thank you so much for these brilliant ideas/exercises, Tammy! I am hooked on watercolors."

"Thank you for making watercolor fun! I was getting too stressed trying to get things to come out like the original picture in other watercolor books. I wish I started with this class first before trying to learn from books."

"I loved doing this and find using watercolours oh so relaxing! I know I will be using this technique A LOT in my journalling to come. I love the rawness and roughness of your work Tammy." 

"Tammy, you created such a delightful and fun class for us to learn in and I now have a new "love"!!! Thanks so much for sharing your passion with us all!! It has been so refreshing."

"Your class was like no other I've taken. Maybe because I was so keen on learning how to paint with watercolors, and you really instructed us! I learned so much."

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Interview with Connie of Dirty Footprints

Hi everyone! As you may know, I am teaching a workshop called Crossroads {inky lettering, stitching paper} as part of 21 Secrets Spring 2015 art journaling workshops. Connie Soler of Dirty Footprints Studio is interviewing each of the teachers... conversations about art and creativity.

This was my first video interview and I was quite nervous!

You can find the interview here; it is about 40 minutes long; please grab a scone and a latte and listen. I look forward to hearing what you think and I hope that I made some sort of sense. 

The Negativity of Space

"The surface of the Earth itself is an immense
loom upon which the sun weaves the fabric of existence."
Wade Davis

9x12" Clairefontaine paper, gouache

I've been painting up a storm. This started with an exploration of negative space in my Alphabet journal a few months ago, and suddenly I was trying to paint the opposite of stuff. It really is a different way of thinking, like painting what is not there. I used some Photoshop filters to show you what I'm thinking when I paint. Not that Photoshop can read my mind, but you can see the edges that are in the page somewhere. 

PS. There's a new Zine.
PSS. There's a new workshop called Tiny Museum

Mandala Love for Quirky Dutch Summer

Pop over to Marit's Paper World to find my colorful contribution for the fun Quirky Dutch Summer series of creative inspiration. Here's a direct link to the tutorial! You'll find a video tutorial for drawing and painting this colorful, playful love mandala flower.

I'm honored to be part of the Quirky Dutch Summer team of artists including Marcia BeckettRoben-Marie SmithRevlie Schuit and Jessica Sporn!!! Wow!!!