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Before you decide to rejournal or obfuscate, squint at your page. Take a good look at it. Turn it upside down. Select the areas that you really like. Our shorthand for this will be "the good stuff" that you "save" for posterity. Tape an index card over the good stuff or just work around it. You may or may not ruin some of this good stuff. It doesn't matter. Saving it just makes the next layer more interesting, that's all. Take acrylic paint and cover the inverse of the good stuff. Like in Photoshop when you select an area but you really want the reverse, so you select the inverse. 

Art Journal: Mysteries Hidden {Video}

This is inherently one of those i-wonder-what-would-happen-if pages, an experiment to create texture using the screening material that I found in our garage. Walking through the aisles of your neighborhood home improvement store, or in the depths of your garage, you'll find a surprising assortment of tools & fodder for mixed media experimentation. Go with an open mind. 

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Muse30 Prompt #26

Drive your index card or page on a highway toward a particular city. Follow a route. Draw a skyline you love, invent a city, find inspiration in an imaginary city in a novel or TV show. The fictional city of Bedrock, where the Flintstones and the Rubbles live. 

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The Circle Workshop: Inspiring Daily Creative Work

What's the Circle? It's self-paced, online, available 24/7, so you can stop in, grab a creative spark and go create something. There are 61 sections to explore, including 12 videos; 10 videos about collage, 2 about hand-lettering and mark making. Access to the Circle Workshop has been extended through December 2017!