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365 Somethings #56-62

This is my 365 project.

I'm keeping myself on track by creating a few cards every few days and I'm well ahead of the game right now. I learned that I'm not really good at creating one thing at a time, I'd rather work in small batches. So here are Somethings #56 - 62. 



found text, fabric, painted papers, espresso rings, tokyo metro map, index card art


"carpet options"

found text, accounting forms, inked paper, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, greeting card



found text, fabric, cardstock, tokyo metro map, stitched/painted papers, magazine ephemera



includes found text, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, polish ephemera, map, library stamp


"registered mindlessly"

one of my favorites to date

includes 35mm slide case, ephemera, found text, fabric, painted papers, 

"and adheres the surface seminars"

includes found text, product packaging, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, stitched papers, blue jeans


"the patience"

includes found text, fabric, cardstock, painted papers, magazine clippings, greeting card

What is your favorite of the set?

I started sewing paper just two years ago and I use a cute little Janome Magnolia sewing machine. If you are interested in learning to sew paper, read my series Sew-a-Go-Go.

Hanna is creating square collages. Join the Flickr group for 365 Somethings. Everything is in my 365 Somethings Flickr set. Find my 365 somethings posts at this link.

Have you registered for 21 Secrets Art Journal Workshop? I'm teaching "Watercolor Playground" starting April 1.

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Reader Comments (9)

I really like 'The Patience'. I love these tabbed index cards, I started looking for some for icad, but no where I have looked has them. They are a great substrate to start on, so I will keep looking....I still have time!! :)

03.2.2013 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha

I do like all of them! What a fun and creative project!

03.2.2013 | Unregistered CommenterTerri

Good morning Tammy. I like the first one "beautiful" in particular. It certainly says spring to me and I like the way your collage pieces cover the entire surface. Here is my question. Finally i have tried paper sewing. I had a hard time keeping pieces in place while sewing. I used paper clips for this purpose. How do you attach them temporarily until you sew them? Is there a clue:) And here is the link to my first experiment:

{Tammy}: Deniz, I do not attach everything all at the same time. Just one item, stitch. Another item, stitch. The entire collage is just done one piece at a time. Hope that helps!

Fabulous collages Tammy! I particularly love Beautiful and Paper. Can you believe we've made over 60 collages already this year?! xx

I just love your cards - it would be very hard to pick a favorite!!!
I set up my sewing machine last weekend and my older son took a seat (they learned how to use one in school past fall) - so cool to see him enjoy sewing some lines :)
I haven't tried sewing paper yet - but it's on the list! ( time allows - you know too well what 'deadline' means... ;))
Have a happy day!

03.5.2013 | Unregistered CommenterJana

Thank you Tammy, i will try one piece at a time, too.

Hi! I've just found your blog by Pinterest, I must say it's sooo inspiring!
I'm from Argentina (sorry for my not-so-good English)
I love painting and sewing! I want to ask you what needle you use to sew on paper or, in this case, cards (that are heavier than common paper).
Thanks in advance!!!

{Tammy} Lilli, I use a regular needle to sew paper. This paper is as thick as a manilla file folder. Find more information at the links in the post, where I talk about starting to sew paper. Gracias!

03.6.2013 | Unregistered CommenterLili

I still love ALL of the sewn collages that come out of your hands this year. Love the colour, the mix of fabric and paper and words - and that you are doing this together with me! Your collages are super happy, and it makes me happy to see them! thanks!

03.9.2013 | Unregistered CommenteriHanna

i LOVE sewing paper and
i ADORE what you have created here!

more sewing with paper and fabric and whimsy
for everyone

so nice to find you here!

03.13.2013 | Unregistered Commenterchristy

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