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The Official Guide to Daisy Yellow Creative Prompts

"Our time is so short
and the future so terrifyingly long.
Through the art of brush, pen, and lens...
we possess a swift and sure means
of touching the conscience
and clearing the vision."
Ansel Adams

Spending time on creative stuff is one of the keys to happiness. Most of my creative time is spent on art journaling, drawing mandalas, doodling & photography. You might do embroidery, watercolor, acting, sculpting, cooking, collage, writing, creating crossword puzzles, gardening, nature journaling, quilting... or developing the perfect latte. It all swirls around the creative process.

A guide to the creative prompts & challenges scattered across Daisy Yellow...

Art Journaling 101: Introduction
Art Journaling 102: Art Materials
Art Journaling Tangents & Tactics, video tutorial series
Art Journaling for Kids + Teens
Prompt60, 60 art journal prompts
Daily Paper Prompts, 67 techniques-based prompts
No Frills Creative Prompts, photographic prompts
Kick-Start, art journal prompts
Prompt6ix, randomly phrased creative prompts

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Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for this guide. Being new to this site it's nice to have these links in one place.
Really enjoyed reading this little post about the "creative process". Given me a new perspective :)

I don't know why but find art scary and am hoping all the prompts and ideas will help me be more creative. Am a seasoned scrapbooker entering the more arty side and beginning art journalling experience but daunted by so many taught styles and techniques.

05.7.2013 | Unregistered CommenterScrappy granny

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