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Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt #6

 Prompt6ix is a weekly set of six words or phrases. You can interpret the set of phrases as an art journal page, a collage, an art quilt, a piece of mail art, an artist trading card, even a poem. Each prompt will include at least one color and one "technique" or method as well as words or phrases to inspire your work.

Use the phrases literally, figuratively, enthusiasticaly, ridiculously. As you wish.

Post your interpretation to the FB group, to the Flickr group, or add a link to your Flickr photo or blog post in the Mister Linky box below. Be sure to link to the exact page where we'll find your work, rather than the home page.

Read the introduction to Prompt6ix here!

Find all of the Prompt6ix Prompts

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Reader Comments (6)

just wanted to say this collage looks amazing...i recently bought a mini sewing machine, your experiments give me courage to give it a try:) though i fall behind on the prompts i try to do them as soon as i can. they are like a therapy...

These are great prompts and I am especially loving this card. Wow!

Have to agree, this card is really neat! Have to admit am the same getting prompts done as time allows...... who knows I might be thinking of starting a blog ;)
Many thanks for the effort and time with these prompts - they are truly inspiring.

Finished #6 posted to Facebook - hung up on "the mail" - decided to cut some butterflies out of a bill's return envelope...couldn't think of anything else...

02.8.2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoy

I love the card you used in your post!!!
I just posted the link to my result for this prompt... this one came together quickly :)
Thanks Tammy! ...and to all for checking my blog too ;)

02.11.2013 | Unregistered CommenterJana

hardest and weakest of all the prompts so far for me... still experimanting. I am making a lot of use of your creative experiments, too:) thank you Tammy.

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