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Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt #2


Prompt6ix is a weekly set of six words or phrases to interpret as an art journal page, a collage, an art quilt, a piece of mail art, an artist trading card, even a poem for this low intensity challenge. Each prompt will include at least one color and one "technique" or method as well as words or phrases to inspire your work.

Post your interpretation to the FB group, to the Flickr group, or add a link to a specific blog post or specific photo at flickr in the Mister Linky box below. Be sure to link to the exact page where we'll find your work, rather than the home page.

For my friends who would like to understand what GRUNGE means, it started with a style of group like Nirvana, a sort of messy, uncaring, noncomformist style. And now it means a certain design style. Here are some examples of grunge style in web design and more examples here. The look is imperfect, messy, like an old, worn terra cotta wall with graffiti. I hope this helps!!!

One of my pages that I would call GRUNGE style: Back Into Place.

Read the introduction to Prompt6ix here!

{Here's a link to all of the Prompt6ix Prompts}

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Reader Comments (5)

Hi Tammy.What does grunge mean?

{Response from Tammy}: Deniz, I'll update the post with this info!

Hi Tammy!
I'm so glad I found your site!
For quite some time I'm debating whether to join a daily challenge or not. I'm just getting back to take more time for paint and paper again and by chance I found your site and prompts. By coincidence I started a page last week with 3 of the prompts of Prompt6ix #2 before I even came across your site... That MUST be sign ;) (it's not finished yet, but I posted it on my blog - also just started last month)
Anyway - how do I join the fb group - I'd love to... Thanks so much!

01.9.2013 | Unregistered CommenterJana

Hi Tammy!
Love these prompts. :) Made one think!

Thank you:) I knew about Nirvana but did not realize this had evolved into a kind of design "style" :) Makes perfect sense though :)

Hi Tammy. I just added the second prompt page.Still having fun:) Thank you...

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