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    2014 Reading Challenge

    2014 Reading Challenge
    Tammy has read 0 books toward her goal of 36 books.


    Daily Paper Prompt #32: Invent-a-Font


    Prompt #32 is to invent-a-font.... or perhaps emulate a font that you love. You can invent an entire font from a-z and 0-9 or write words in various fonts from your imagination. I created some examples for you to get into the font groove. Here are some examples!


    KELLY SLAB {link}

    PLEXIFONT {link}

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    Daily Paper Prompt #31: Finishing

    Today, a little break. 

    Listen to music.

    Finish one of the prompts that you didn't do.

    Use one of the techniques in another piece of art.

    Read another chapter of a book.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #30: Creative Reading

    “With freedom, books, flowers,
    and the moon,
    who could not be happy?”

    Oscar Wilde

    Read a bit of a book on something creative. Perhaps one chapter. Mixed media art, journaling, sewing, quilting, collage, writing, etc. You never know where your next idea will originate! 

    Five (5) books that I adore:

    1. The Art of Urban Sketching
    2. Artist's Journal Workshop
    3. The Creative License 
    4. The Journal Junkies Workshop: Visual Ammunition for the Art Addict
    5. Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists

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    Daily Paper Prompt #29: Swirly Writing

    Today's prompt is to draw a swirl or waves in pencil and then write your thoughts along that line. Try this with various pens if you wish. The line can intersect itself or go in an inward or outward swirl. Try this on a painted background, as your journaling on an art journal page, on a postcard or index card. Paper. Just paper.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #28: Nature Journaling

    "Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace."
    May Sarton

    9x12" aquabee journal, gelly roll, neocolors

    Go to a garden and sketch what you see. Focus on the individual plants rather than the entire scene. Don't worry about the composition of the page, just the details of the plants and flowers. Try drawing in pen or in pencil {without erasing}. Think of this as DOCUMENTATION rather than art. You are simply trying to CAPTURE the shapes so that you can remember what they looked like. Does the leaf have a deep vein running through the center? Are the tips of the petals pointy? Is the rock a circle, or more oval, and is there an indentation? Sometimes you have to squint to SEE what you want to see. We aren't drawing the entire scene, just picking out bits and pieces and documenting. Nature journaling. Write a little phrase about the plants, noting the color or texture or a memory about a time you worked in the garden.

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    Daily Paper Prompt #27: Slow Journaling

    The prompt is to slow journal. Start by drawing wavy lines on your paper. Make the waves irregular, not the same each time. Some go up down up, some down up down etc. Don't make it too easy to journal. After the wavy lines, write your words by stretching the letters to meet the top and bottom of the waves. Go slowly to ensure your words are legible. Keep the lines of the letters stretched. At the end of each "line" you have the option of stopping at a syllable and putting a hyphen, no hypen, ending on a full word... or just keep going without syllabic breaks, without hyphens! Break the word wherever it breaks.

    The reason the journaling is so darned slow is that it takes awhile to form each letter, each word. It is quite meditative, calming. So the prompt is to do one page of slow journaling before the end of August. Consider slow journaling with a purpose. Try to describe your situation or surroundings in infinite detail. Use descriptive words. Or try to solve a dilemma.


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    Daily Paper Prompt #26: ATC

    Artist trading cards are made to be traded, never ever sold. Even smaller than an index card, just as risk-free, just as full of potential. The dimensions are 2.5 x 3.5" or the size of a playing card. Create collages, cut watercolor paper to size and splash paint, stitch around the edges and put a quote inside, make a collaged person with scrapbook paper, layer papers with words on top. The prompt is to create three artist trading cards.

    Find ALL of the prompts at this link: Daily Paper Prompts

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    Daily Paper Prompt #25: Create Art Elsewhere

    “Journeys are the midwives of thought. Few places are more conducive to internal conversations than a moving plane, ship or train. There is an almost quaint correlation between what is in front of our eyes and the thoughts we are able to have in our heads: large thoughts at times requiring large views, new thoughts new places. Introspective reflections which are liable to stall are helped along by the flow of the landscape. The mind may be reluctant to think properly when thinking is all it is supposed to do."
    Alain de Botton

    DPP #25: Take your art on the road. Grab your art travel kit {see DPP #18} and a journal and tuck them in a bag or backpack. Draw, write or work in your journal outdoors or in a public space. Consider your backyard, a coffee shop, the library, while waiting for your kid's skateboarding lessons, an art museum or a bench in the park. There is a different vibe in working in a new space. The scents, sights, sounds, mood, even the temperature is different. 

    I've been drawing in public spaces for 6 years. I started taking along a wirebound journal and gelly rolls in my purse {it's a big purse, admittedly} when my kids were at swimming lessons or tae kwon do. Sometimes I listen to listen to my ipod and get immersed in what I am drawing. I've drawn in coffee shops, book stores, airplanes, waiting rooms. In the car at carpool and at the soccer fields of North Texas. At a classical music concert in Venice and amidst tourists in Saint Marks Square. A few years ago, I made a list of places.

    What's the Daily Paper Prompt?