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    ICAD 2014 Guest: Jana

    Our guest post today is Jana of Tangled Pen. Before we get to Jana's elegant artwork, I must apologize. Jana's post was originally going to run the week of Independence Day here in the states and we had worked out a perfect plan well in advance. But then I got overwhelmed with life + vacation + index-card-a-day + therefore this guest post, like the others in the week ahead, have been gathering in my email inbox. I so appreciate these artful contributions and apologize to each artist for the delay!

    So without further ado.... Jana!

    I'm so glad and honored that I was invited again for guest posting here, Tammy! Thank you! As some of you may have already seen, I'm trying to get better with my calligraphy skills and therefore I stress some of my index cards with ink and nib... So I thought a quote from one of our founding fathers, lettered with ink and nib would be very appropriate for Independence Day... I hope you agree!

    I used a multicolored pencil (red, white, and blue - borrowed from my children's supplies) for the background. I didn't know for sure if or how the ink would write on this kind of material. I was afraid the background could be too oily and the ink would not adhere. It was a bit too slick at times and some letter forms are not perfect, but I like the outcome of the card itself - I call this successful experiment :) In this sense, I hope you have fun experimenting when using the index cards, even if some pieces you work on are not turning out the way you imagined. Remember, there are no mistakes in art, but there's always something one can learn from.


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Anne

    Our guest index card artist is Anne of Anne Rehorn's Kreative Seite. Anne created a beautiful garden-inspired index card for today. 

    This is a card that I created to share with you today. I collected flowers and leaves from the garden to weave together. I used Inktense pencils to color the background of the index card and adhered a thick waxed thread to the back of the card so that the strings didn't move. You can find more photos about this card at my site today.


    ICAD 2014 #50

    3x5" index card

    For this card, I started with another index card {with a grid} and then attached everything from fabric to painted papers to found text. 


    ICAD 2014 #49

    I made two similar cards...

    3x5" index card, gouache, stamp, stamping ink


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Tracey

    Tracey is our next guest index card artist in our star-studded line-up. I love Tracey's colorful ink & watercolor tea cups overflowing with pattern, color & detail!


    I like to treat ICAD as a kickstarter … it gets me in creative shape to start the day and get working. The small format means that I don’t have to be precious with them, and I make a point of not correcting them in any way and don’t spend more than 15 or 20 minutes on them. I draw straight onto the card in pen, usually anything that is on my desk, and in this case my teacup. I then add some watercolour, concentrating on capturing clean and clear colours and taking care to not try to make it perfect, it is about getting something made quickly and getting my eye in, not creating a finished piece of work. It is about loosening up and flexing my creative muscles, and is about as close as I get to exercise… Once I get the colour down and it is dry, I then go back in with my pen and add some more lines to the outlines, or add a little white gouache for highlights. It is about livening it up with energetic lines and cleaning up the image so it is clear… some days the end result is better than others, but it never fails to get me in the right frame of mind to create…


    ICAD 2014 #48

    3x5" index card, neocolors, ink


    ICAD 2014: Week #8 Prompts


    100% Optional Topical Prompts for Week #8 of the 2014 Index-Card-a-Day Challenge!!!

    You might use the prompts, and you might not.... they are here just in case you need a nudge for your index card. These are simple one word or phrase prompts that can be used literally, figuratively, specifically, sarcastically, ridiculously, logically, magically or any other adverbish manner. You can use the English words or any translation thereof. Here's some insight into the prompts.


    German {Thank you to Jana of Tangled Pen for the German translations}


    Italian {Thank you to Sophie of Miss Kool-Aid for the Italian translations}

    foglia di felce / albero o piuma

    French {Thank you to Sophie of Miss Kool-Aid for the French translations}

    Feuille de fougère/arbre ou plume
    Bijou (joyau)

    Polish {Thank you to Eliza of Druga Szesnascie for the Polish translations}

    liść paproci lub pióro 

    Swedish {Thank you to Hanna of iHanna for the Swedish translations}

    ombunkeblad, träd eller fjäder 

    ICAD 2014 #47

    3x5" index card, found text, painted papers, japanese papers, inked papers, fabric


    ICAD 2014 #46

    For an upcoming post at Daisy Yellow... Have YOU written a blog post about how the index-card-a-day challenge has ROCKED your world? I'm in search of 10 blog posts. Posts that talk about how ICAD has impacted you. Has it changed your approach to art? To life? Looking for big, deep stuff. In the comments, add a link to the exact blog post; the post MUST link back to Daisy Yellow to be considered. 

    3x5" index card, found text, painted papers, japanese papers, card stock, inked papers, fabric


    ICAD 2014 Guest: Amy

    Our guest today is Amy Cowen, of the Creative Mom Podcast. Amy was one of the first people I "met" online when I started doing art in 2007 and started sharing my art on Flickr. We actually had the opportunity to meet for coffee last summer in San Francisco! The podcast is on hiatus but there are 174 episodes available for your headphones. I've long been a fan of Amy's line work and fiber art pieces. Amy is one of 4 artists I've interviewed for the Interview Series at Daisy Yellow.


    I tend to gravitate toward pen and ink when doing my #icad cards. Even though my black and white generally leaves me on the fringe of ICAD, I love the 4x6 index card format as a way to capture an everyday (or prompt-inspired) drawing. In this card, I've integrated fabric scraps, watercolor, and lyrics from a song by American Authors. I am a big fan of using alphabetic stencil templates, too!


    ICAD 2014 #45

    3x5" index card, mask, gouache


    ICAD 2014 #44

    3x5" index card, gouache

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